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October // 2013

October.. What a fun month! The baby's birthday, SDCHalloween, the pumpkin patch, etc.. but I have random daily events that also make me smile.

Like this, this is Deuce. He is one of the awesome creative geniuses I get to work with everyday! He brought me our team mascot "Sassy Koala." And sometimes Sassy needs to be totally business. HA!
The baby learned to trace fingers. He isn't the best at it but it keeps his attention for long periods of time when eating out which is 100% necessary!
Yes, this is a parking lot. No, I do not think this is an acceptable way to park. Really?!?!
The neighbors asked if we could watch little AJ for a bit one day. Ryan was up for the challenge and took over while I ran some errands. They made cookies.... on the floor. Whatever it takes, right?
They also played cars. Which, unlike the above, is an acceptable floor activity.
I had a sweet little grocery helper that day. He was awesome!!
The boys got haircuts. For two who were born with very little (or in Chaz's case, zero) hair, they really get their hair cut a lot! I mean it grows like mad!
My Meme was sweet enough to take the demanding baby for a joy ride after his haircut.. Oh and it was cold and raining. That just makes her more awesome!
Within moment of hitting the car, this is what happens to my kid. The apple doesn't really fall far from the tree. I am known for my naps between Bentonville and Fayetteville.
Crazy kid with that hat that is just too small. He loves it!
Fun times at the neighbors. I know this picture is a mess but I love it because Elli was having a blast!
Why wouldn't you put a bunny in a stroller? This is how we party!
Sweetness.. He is my child.
Yeah.. he is his Daddy's child.
My oldest eats like a bird and my baby has the attention span of a gnat. Saying dinner time is a challenge is a bit of an understatement.
Love him!! I was off work one day because school was close so we went to Jason's Deli. He loves it and loves the ice cream.
and we did Legos. I told him he couldn't open another birthday Lego until he organized all his Legos and fixed the few that were broken. The good news is he is a bit OCD like me and didn't protest at all!
I broke this... bad. So I promised him I would fix it, and I did. It is beautiful. I think I am a little twisted because I get joy when a Lego is completed.
 Automatic trashcans are great.. until they talk back. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!
Really? An antique? I think I am missing something.
This is how he smiles and I love every single bit of it!
Again, passed out in the car. Every.time.
Chaz doing exercises with my Aunt. She had knee surgery and he wanted to help exercise.
I mean really, how could you NOT love this face.
Boys.. they are just boys, that is really all there is to it.
Dane opening his birthday card from Ryan's Aunt EA. He was so happy to get mail!
Nighttime funny face. Not sure what is going on her but I love it!
Nighttime smooches from brother! I love when they are sweet to each other!
Reading in Chaz's bed.
Fun hair day at school!
I have mentioned a few times before that I work in the coolest office in the land. I mean, we had a camel for Humpday... Who has a camel for Humpday?
A CAMEL IN THE OFFICE!! I am serious.
I called the hubs and was like "Hey, so can you go get the kids from school and bring them to the office? We have a camel... Yeah, I said a camel. Hurry, they are doing camel rides in 30 minutes" He probably thought I had fallen and hit my head but I have been with this company for 11+ years, he knows we get a little stir crazy.
A few days later I got a call of a different kind. I had gone to WM after work to grab a few things for our get together that night. We were going to the neighbor's house to paint pumpkins!  And then I got this call...
              R - "Where are you??!?!"
              T - "I'm at WM. You knew I was going to WM after work. What is wrong?"
              R - "Well, I need you to come home right this second. Dane's car seat is dismantled as I cleaned it today.. I have to take Chaz to the ER .... I don't have any place to put the baby..!!!!!!!!"
       The hubs was using is panic in his voice
              T - "Take the baby across the street to the neighbor's and I will meet you at the ER. Is Chaz ok? What happened?"
                           I was using my far less panic in my voice (Which, BTW, is totally opposite for our personalities!)
              R - "Oh that is a good plan. Yes, he will be fine. He fell off his bike and needs stitches in his chin. I will meet you there!" 

I was able to go to the ER, get all the paperwork filled out and see my precious boy walk in with a towel on his chin and his bike helmet still on his head. It was really a pathetic site.

He told me he wore the helmet so he could show the doctor he WAS wearing it when he fell. He totally thought he was going to get in trouble.
Yep, you are getting stitches..
I watched the entire thing. I watched him get multiple shots and barely move. I watched him get 4 stitches and not shed a tear. It was amazing. He will melt if you tell him he can't watch a certain show on TV but toss stitches at him and he is a champ! I was one proud momma!!!
And then we went to the painting party! He acted as if nothing really happened. It was a little bizarre.
Great job kiddos!!!
I am not sure what ended up with more paint.. the baby or the pumpkin.
Another birthday party! This was Noah's but I totally forgot my camera. This is my only photo. Chaz had a blast thanks to this nifty contraption!

Another fun hair day at school! Dane wanted his to be green. Chaz's school doesn't allow color. I guess it is a gang thing. HA!
Again, I work at the best place EVER. My account lead made a mistake. She told our brand manager (in one of their first meetings) that she could pick out any peanut butter by taste alone.  Well fast forward 7 months and this would be her birthday challenge.I went out and purchase every variety of peanut butter I could find. You would be shocked at the selection.
She did a pretty good job and definitely identified her favorite. 
One of my favorite apps is Anylist. It is lets you make lists (I know, duh) but the cool thing is it allows you to share this list with anyone you know. We have a joint grocery list. The hubs or I can add as we think of something or while the other is on their way to the store and it instantly updates. Amazing. I swear by this app.  With all that said, the app doesn't work if your phone dies. I had to do it by memory. When I got back in the car to charge my phone and check my list, I discovered I did pretty good. This is all that was left. And they didn't have pepperchinnis or the folders I needed. So technically, I only missed two items. Go me!
His favorite place to sit. I am certain we have missed several messages and no longer have an incoming message. Oh well, we don't use our home phone anyways! And no, he isn't wearing pants.
My sweet friend Eli gave me a bag of Legos for Chaz. You would have thought I gave him the moon. He wanted to send Mr. Eli a special picture.
Our neighbor Landon hiding in the bushes to try and ambush Chaz. Hilarious.
Anyone going for Mom of the Year? Well pack up that dream because I nailed it on this one!  Chaz has a weekly school folder. The folder gives us any updates, events, special needs, notes, etc. where we need to review, send back, send money, etc. The hubs and I planned on joining Chaz for Thanksgiving lunch and the note they sent said you needed to send $3.25 per person for the meal. I wasn't eating as it is elementary cafeteria food and it is served at 10:45am but the hubs was total game. The night I checked the folder I took an envelope and a quarter out of the drawer and put them in the folder. I made a mental note to get three dollars out of my purse in the morning and put them in the envelope... Yeah, I forgot.. Mom of the Year!
Sweet brothers playing before bedtime. Kisses and shoves.
This is my view every single night... and I wouldn't change it for the world.
Sassy Koala has a Halloween Costume too!

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