Friday, August 30, 2013

August // 2013

This Summer was one for the record books. We had a blast with all the kiddos in the neighborhood. We did things like this... and had fun days like this.... and more like this....

This weekend was not much different. Break out the giant slip and slide and let the good times begin!!
The Jorgensens. SO happy they are moving back to the neighborhood!!!
Pure insanity. These kids were having a blast!!
And the baby decided to chill and eat his fruit snacks. Love those little toes!
After the backyard fun we decided to have outdoor movie night. Yes, this is in our front yard. Ryan went to Redbox and rented a knock off of Planes (it wasn't out yet) I do not recommend it. At.all. The kiddos actually told us they were bored and one of them asked to go home. A+ Hills, A+.
Sunday mornings with cartoons and snuggles are the best.
We are so very lucky to have my sweet Meme to cut the boy's hair. They love going to see her and I think she is a little fond of them as well.I love Chaz's haircut faces. He is hilarious.
See, happy campers!
Dentist time. Chaz loves to go to the dentist. He is never scared or nervous. Probably because we go to the best place on the planet. PDA is awesome!!

Unfortunately the baby was sick for a few days but nothing makes you feel better like lovey and a powdered donut, right?

When he wasn't roaming around in his diaper and lovey, he spent the majority of the morning in his pjs. I guess when you are sick, you can do what you want.
I did finally put clothes on the sweet baby and then we did something we are NOT allowed to do. We played in brother's room in his fort. I know, I know. But he was at school so he is none the wiser.
We also put on hats that were far too small for our noggin and danced around in his room
and then we went upstairs and played in the kitchen. We had to pause to make a quick call to Daddy.
Then we went back downstairs, put back on the far too small hat and took some silly selfies with momma
 And then we took a nap so momma could get some work done. Note: all of the above happened within about 30 minutes. One and a half year-olds move fast!
When brother got home from school they enjoyed some quality time in front of the TV. Yep, momma was tired. 
I probably shouldn't think this is as funny as I do but it really is quite hilarious. I will just let the baby do all the talking. Enjoy!
My wonderful hubs and I celebrated 12 years of marriage this year. We were able to go have a nice dinner and some time to ourselves. Thanks to my parents for watching the rugrats.
and guess who else got sick. We don't get sick very often but when we do, we like to share.
One morning I here "Uh oh! I make mess" Annnnnd this is what I walk in to find. Lovely.
Boy I am sure glad we kept that dog. He tends to come in handy in these situations.
Feet to head. Feet to head. Silly boys.
There is nothing cooler than witnessing life through a child's eyes. We are so blessed to have all these littles in our neighborhood. I just adore them. This day, we discovered rolly pollies.
They were beyond excited.
Kids are so easily entertained. Bucket heads!
Love this face!
One Friday evening we decided to hit the Benton County Fair with my parents. Captain Sensitive Nose had just a few words for us "The fair stinks" Literally. We started in with the animals. Chaz has an ubersensitive nose and was NOT a fan of the initial smell of the animals.
Dane loved the tractors. He was so excited to climb up on them... well, until we let go of him. HA!
Chaz wasn't getting away with just pinching his nose and racing past the animals. He was going to enjoy this if it killed us. He got over the smell pretty fast and as long as Papa was with him, he was ok to pet the animals.
Dane was in heaven. He loved all the animals. This kid has zero fear.
Chaz wasn't terribly interested in the pigs-- again with the smell thing.
Back to the tractors. Chaz loved them.
and what is the best thing about a fair? FUNNEL CAKE!!!
I can ride anything, I mean anything... Except the carousel..This thing makes me sicker than a dog.. a very, very sick dog. Good thing his daddy can take one for the team.
The fair was a blast, the kids had a blast, we all had a blast. We will do this again!
I got a little adventurous this year and decided to do a garage sale. Yeah, I know. Well in the middle of it, I went to my parent house to get some things I had stored there for years (like almost 20!) as they had some value and I knew I could sell them. Once I opened this Pandora's box, my dad decided I needed to take EVERYTHING I had at their house. OMG. I was SUCH a hoarder. I mean seriously. I had 4 trunks of stuffed animals, 2 trunks of Cabbage Patch kids, boxes and boxes of trinkets and junk, board games from the late 70s/early 80s (note: these were the first items sold!)  What a mess. This added several days to my timeline but I decided to pull it all out in my garage and go through it. Lots of things went strait to the garbage but I did discover some "treasures."  Oh my, I cannot believe my parents let me keep so much crap. They must really love me.
Yeah buddy!
Oh this doll.. She talks and is a little on the creepy side. I used to toss her in my brother's room and scare him. BAHAHAHAHA!!
I also sold a ton of my photo albums but first I had to remove all the pictures.. I didn't want someone else to have my pictures, that is just bizarre. Anyway, I came across these treasures. All of these are Chaz. Love him!!!
And we had SEVERAL days of garage sales... We did VERY well but I don't think I will EVER do that again!!
 Chaz came up with an awesome idea to tell jokes for money. It worked! The people were so sweet, listened to his jokes, laughed and actually gave him some money. He made a little over $12. I was so happy for him!
BTW, I still have this Bowflex for sale. Hit me up if you are interested. It is in perfect condition.
Out of the dentist trip above, we discovered that Chaz needed a preventative filling. I guess he has two teeth that are too close together and they would ultimately cause a cavity. So, laughing gas it was. He was hilarious. He kept telling me his nose was on his forehead. He was loopy!
And the rest of the day he looked like this.
We started Kindergarten in August, which resulted in a very, very tired kid. Every night for over a week he was asleep WAY before his bedtime and sometimes even before we were out of the school parking lot.
Random videos of the baby. He cracks me up.
Time for my funnies! I love pulling these off my phone and putting them here for you to giggle. I tend to giggle when I am posting these. Enjoy!
Sorry, it is a little foul but quite hilarious.
I have never laughed so hard. What a tool!
I don't have girls but my boys do some silly things. This made me giggle and thing of our parents. God love them!!

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