Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween // 2013

Before we get into the actual day, I figured I would do a little throwback.
and yes, I got talked into dressing up at work again. We came in a close second and it was totally worth wearing leggings, my hubs' sweatshirt and a blanket all day. Run Forrest!
Day of, baby boy was still looking cute as ever!
My parents/aunts/meme were all sick so we did not make the trip to my Meme's to Trick-or-Treat as we usually do. The kiddos did come to my office but I didn't get a single picture. I know, fail.

We went to my SIL's house, as we always do, to do some Trick-or-treating with all the cousins. Chaz wanted me to take some pictures of him and Davis. So precious.
The standard against-the-garage-picture. I need to line up all the years. We have SEVERAL!
 Fletcher, Brandon, Dane, Chaz, Ben, Anna, Charlie, Campbell, Jackson and Davis
I think he was ready to get his treat on!
Look out! Here they come!!
Love these kids! Fletcher and his friend Charlie joined us as well. Such a fun crew!
This was toward the end of the night. Some still hanging in there. And some are done (i.e. the white ninja pouting in the background)
Goofy kiddos!
We had a great time at all the Halloween events of the year but seriously... can we please get a hold on how much candy these kids bring home? We did the parent tax and then the mommy's-work tax, what was left over was theirs. It wasn't much.. and it is still in my pantry. Gross!
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