Monday, October 14, 2013

Dane's 2nd birthday // 2013

I did it again, I blinked.

I think this one has grow faster than Chaz did. I know that isn't possible, I guess I was just distracted with having more than one and trying to keep up. Either way, I blinked and this little now two.

Danes birthday and party were on Sunday so we headed to my parents house that Saturday afternoon. This really served multiple purposes. 1) To see my aunt on his birthday. She had knee surgery and would not be able to attend the party. 2) Dane could go ahead and open some presents so he didn't have as much to manage at his party 3) Dane needed a nap before his party so he was a good party host 4) The Hubs and I could head to the party place early in order to set up without the littles around our ankles. Score.

Mom and Dad got Dane some cute cupcakes and cookies.
He got to open some presents. I have no clue where his pants went... He is definitely two.
My other handsome guy!
Some help from brother!
He loves to read and love cards. Silly little boy!
I don't know why, but I love this picture. Dane got some sure cute clothes from Gaga and Papa. He was happy with them but wanted to move along to something else. The hubs' tossing of the clothes shows Danes mood perfectly. Love it!
Then it was time for the party! I love how the invites turned out. Dane's birthday always creeps up on me. I think it is just coming off the heals of Chaz's, it just comes too fast. Never fails, I look at the calendar and go "CRAP! I forgot to order invitations!!" With a little help from Etsy, this momma was back on track!
I also managed to find this totally precious T-shirt for him on Etsy. Love it!!!
He was so excited when he saw the table. Again, I borrowed a few items from the kids' play room for the decor. So easy!!
My precious baby boy. No, technically he is no longer a baby but he will always be my baby boy!
Big brother wanted to get a picture with the baby.
and hugs and kisses.
I love these little blondies.
The cake. The hubs was in charge of this because I was swamped at work and simple could not find the time to figure this out. He did an awesome job! He had long conversations with the bakery about how he wanted this to look. They even did rocks-- which were gum. He even had to convince them to dig out parts of the cake. They weren't too happy about doing this but we took a key from Cooper's cake and I think it turned out great. Thanks hubs!
The treats were little construction trucks, diggers, etc. The kids were excited!
We had the party at a local (now closed *Sad face*) place called the Monkey House. It is an indoor jump house with lots of large blowup slides, obstacle courses and jumpers. The kids had a great time!!
Even the adults got in on the fun! I LOVE places like this!
He is a ninja!
This is his favorite one. It is Scooby Doo. I love it because the side is open so you can see everything they are doing.
This is a happy face, even though it doesn't look like it!
Even Gaga loves places like this! She is so much fun!!
Dane loves Cooper. He loves to hug on him every chance he gets. Cooper however does not really enjoy Dane's hugs. I find the entire situation so very funny and grab my camera. I know, I know.
Love this. Check the positioning of Dane's body. From the bent knee to the hand on his forehead. He looks like a frat rat bellied up to the bar and Lilah is moving in for the kill. LOVE IT!
Still playing on his favorite.
And Kadence is having a blast too!!
The hubs and the boy racing. I mean seriously, this is our kind of place.
I don't know what is going on here but I love this picture. The hubs is leaping across the thing and Chaz is doing some kind of touchdown dance.
I like to say Mike tossed Dane down the slide. Not really what happened but it makes for a funny story.
Kadence's face is amazing!
Big brother helping two of the three little brothers up the steep steps. And let me tell you, these were so ubersteep steps!!
Daddy's turn to go with the baby!
And then the hubs decided to do something no man should.. He climbed the ubersteep stairs with two toddlers in tow. Why? Because they asked him.
He made it (barely) and they were all smiles!
The next two are probably my two favorite pictures of the day. Totally priceless!
After we wore them out we decided to feed them. Pizza and KoolAid.
Time to sing!
He was so happy that everyone was singing to him. Precious!
He was pretty excited about his cake too!
I love the big blow up chair!
Fletcher. Hilarious.
He wanted his brother to sit with him and help him open his gifts. I love when they are sweet to each other.
He really wanted to show his Uncle Mike Mike his new Elmo books.
Love this kid!
 Happy birthday to my sweet boy! 
 A few nuggets of info on my little nugget

  • He is 25lbs
  • He is still in the lower percentile for his height and weight
  • He eats like someone is going to steal his food. He will eat almost anything -- except hotdogs. 
  • He is a ball of energy. From the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed, he is moving.
  • He loves anything boy -- trucks, trains, wrestling, running, motorcycles, planes, etc.
  • If you ask him who he loves he will answer "Papa's plane"
  • He wears the same size clothes his brother did at this age-- which is great because I saved almost everything... Except shoes, his foot is thicker and fatter than Chaz's.
  • I cannot keep shoes or socks on this kid. 
  • His ear drums have ruptured 4 times in his lifetime but there has never been mention of tubes being needed
  • He has been to the ER twice. Once was during Hill family pictures when he accidentally got dropped on his head. A complete x-ray and checkup later we found out he was 100% ok (WHEW!) The other was this summer when he fell and bit his tongue. He had a fork in his tongue. And ER visit and $125 later we learned there was nothing we could do and it would heal on it's own. 
  • He talks.. all.the.time
  • He wants to know what everything is and tries to repeat everything you say (watch out hubs!)
    When he does repeat, he does a very good job
  • He speaks incredibly well for his age (he is probably a year ahead for speech.. as was his brother)
  • We won't be able to confirm the above stat until January as his yearly check-ups are 3 months behind. 
  • He is still a terrible sleeper.  He will go to sleep just fine but staying asleep is another story. He wakes at least once a night at least 4 times a week. I haven't slept in three years :)
  • He is worth every sleepless night.

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