Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pumpkin Patch // 2013

We have kind of made a thing of going to the pumpkin patch with the Lanes. We love this sweet little family and have a such a good time at a local patch that isn't very far from our house.

It was a little chilly so we had to bundle them up a bit.
The corn pit is always a top favorite.
I love this. He looks like such a big kid!
Could you just eat him up? I could. 100% eat.him.up.
Cooper wasn't a fan of the tunnel but with a little encouragement from his buddy he braved his way through it.
So did the hubs. I mean seriously. This is my life!
Chaz loves to lead everyone through the corn maze. This isn't really my favorite thing but I play along.
Love these boys!
I am pretty sure this goat wanted to eat Cooper.
Sweet little baby goat!
and baby pigs
another goat who likes to eat children. You really have to keep you eye on these things. Especially when the older brother puts food on his head. Boymom.
Chaz went head to head with the bull..Such the goober
Mike making friends with the camel.
Dane decided to make friends as well.
and then he tried to eat him. I guess we make tasty toddlers.
Yeah. I can't really blame the camel. The little one is quite scrumptious!
Love this trio... well whatever a trio + one is. Baby boy Lane #2 is coming soon. I am so excited for them to become a family of four with two little boys, just like us! Now, if I could just convince them to move to our side of town!!
And I love our little family. They are my favorite people on the planet!
Waiting for the tractor ride.
Chaz decided to switch families for the ride.
Dane loved watching the cows!
Back to the corn pit. Chaz decided to fill the hole in the knee of his pants with corn. It was quite hilarious!
I love this tradition we have made. Love the Lanes and love ALL our boys!!

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