Sunday, October 20, 2013

Silver Dollar City // 10.2013

October weather nice enough NOT to wear a coat and a family with season tickets to SDC!!! No brainer! We are off!

What a fun day we had with all the cousins, Mah and Dah!

A little gun shooting with Uncle Mike Mike and the cousins!
Dane was finally big enough to go in the tree house with the cousins. Of course, I asked Anna and Chaz to stay close to him and make sure he didn't get stuck. He is getting to be so big!!!
The other awesome thing is we are able to corral the kiddos in this area, look at Mah and Dah with the "you got this?!" look and then bail to the "the world's most daring wooden roller coaster with the steepest drop and 3 upside down twists" Yep, Outlaw Run. I didn't think I would be impressed but I was. I love roller coasters and that roller coaster was AWESOME! Obviously, I have no pictures :)

The map boys. I think they will end up being our book kids.
My favorite ride. The boat-shooting-thing, as the majority of the kids call it. Even Dane can do it!
And of course, we end upin the giant ball pit thing. With tunnels, cannons, stairs, etc. There is no better place. Oh and check the background of the left side picture. We have zero shame.
Davis' rock star pose.
We have such a good time when we go to Silver Dollar City AND I get two naps that day (on the way there and the way back) Bonus!!

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