Saturday, November 12, 2011

LOTS of Spiderwebs // Halloween 2011

Halloween was a little interesting this year. With Dane being just a few weeks old, I was limited on what we were able to attend. My parents were sweet enough to come up and stay with Dane so I could go to Chaz's Halloween party. I haven't missed a holiday party yet, so I would have been pretty sad if I had to miss this one!

My husband has turned into quite the Martha Stewart (or Marshall Stewart as we say) when it comes to treats for the kiddos. You probably remember the candies he made for Chaz's birthday. This time he made ghosts. They were super cute and he even colored in the eyes, nose and mouth. We have now been to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's multiple times to look for different molds for the Christmas party.. We have a chocolate mold monster folks!
The kids had the standard group of snack options. Of which I am sure my kiddo only ate the crackers, Cheetos and cookie.
There were several Spiderman kiddos including Cale, who is still one of my favorite kids!
Sweet little Supergirl Addison!
And guess who else was a Spiderman.. Yep, Chaz! This one was in the bag in July. He told me he was going to be Spiderman and never once changed his mind. Crazy considering his age. He originally started that he wanted to wear the Spiderman costume he already had. It is pathetic. I bought it on clearance after Halloween last year for $2.50 (seriously) It is all the right colors and design but it doesn't have any muscles. Chaz actually referred to the costume as pjs. I really wanted him to have muscles. I probably asked him every week if he was sure he was good without muscles. Every time he would say "nope, I'm good with my Spiderman pjs."  Ugh.

I just knew what was going to happen. He would say "No" until the day before Halloween and then change his mind at the last minute and sure enough they would be out of them. I just knew this is what would happen. So, one afternoon while we were at Target I showed him the Spiderman costume with muscles one last time. Same answer. UGH!! But then that evening he told me he had a secret to tell me "Momma, I want muscles'  SWEET!!! I purchased it first thing the next day. We have muscles (and a happy momma) and I let him take his webshooter to school. All is right in the Spiderman world.
When we were leaving we ran into Austin. He was dressed as a pirate but Chaz insisted he wear his Spiderman mask. This may be a new trend--Spiderpirate.
As usual, Chaz decided he needed to take a picture with my camera. Cale picture by Chaz.
Chaz picture by Cale.
Then Spiderman #1 & #2 had to do a little posing for me. Love the action shots!
I just love the school parties. They are such a good time! Here is a look at last year's party...and the year before  ENJOY!

As we were leaving I here "UUUUHHH, UHHHHH" coming from the backseat. Looks like vampire teeth were in the goody bag. He said "Momma, do I look really scary??" Yes, sure you do.
The Schmidts were nice enough to invite Chaz to Fletcher's school Fall Festival. I stayed home with the little guy and sent the two big guys on their way. Chaz was beside himself excited about going with Fletch.
The next night was actually Halloween (I know, I swear Halloween lasted three weeks this year!) As usual we headed to Rogers to go trick-or-treating in the Clawson's neighborhood. Dane and I decided to hang out at Meme's because it was a little cold for a newborn. We took a few pictures before I sent the boys off to trick-or-treat.
He decided he just had to trick-or-treat at Meme's
And then it was off to the Clawson's. I sent my camera with Ryan in hopes to get lots and lots of pictures. He didn't get many but considering he was helping wrangle all these kiddos I will let him slide!
When I was flipping through my pictures I noticed Ryan took a picture of this spooky tree.. I took the same picture in 2009. Check in out in the link below. Funny how we think alike.
And the boys venturing into the house I LOVED last year. This is where I got my idea for the coffins. I have to say, I like the one I have better. Thanks random people for giving me inspiration!
I'm sad that I didn't get to enjoy the time with the costume clad kiddos but I had a great time (and great food) with my family at Meme's house. Next year we will all be in!

Here is a look back at Halloween 2010 and 2009

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