Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween // 2012

I don't know if I have explained this before but my hubs has the most amazing ability to do things at the wrong time. I hope you sense my sarcasm. He will wait until we are late to dinner with friends and then go to clean out a drawer, seriously. He will wait until I have two agitated kids strapped into their car seats and then start rearranging the garage, seriously.  I had been begging for days for him to carve the pumpkin. He waits until we are way past bedtime on a school night and then decides to carve the pumpkin, seriously.
The boy was pumped to have his pumpkin carving gloves.
Well needless to say, the helper didn't last long. He didn't even get past the removing of the pumpkin guts. So Ryan decided to make it easy. You can see the letters he was originally going to carve. HA!
and our Spiderman pumpkin.
We have a costume contest at work every year. I work at a creative shopper marketing agency so I usually don't try to play in the competition. It is a pretty intense competition. I mean really, my creativity and competition has only extended to one of the Grey's Anatomy cast members which actually just meant I got to wear scrubs to work. This year, well this year was different. Somehow I got talked into this.
Yes, that would be Duck Dynasty. That is Phil (me) Willie (Tara) Jace (Jess) and Uncle Si (Lexi)  I probably don't have to tell you but we smoked the competition. It was awesome.
 Yep, just another day at the office. 
 Later that day the kiddos got to come up to the office and trick-or-treat. Somehow (hubs) introduced the baby to suckers. At first he had no clue what to do with such a weird piece of food. 
 But it didn't take very long for him to fall in love..
 and he was super sweet enough to share. 
One of my amazing co-workers was so very sweet and actually gave Chaz a Nerf gun when he was trick-or-treat. really? A Nerf gun?? I made sure Chaz made a little video with a "Thank you!"
After work we headed north to Bentonville to see my family and trick-or-treat with the cousins.
The ninja was ready to go!
The hubs was totally creepy and gross.
The baby was NOT a fan of this daddy.
After a quick visit with my family, we headed to my sister-in-law's house for the annual trek around the neighborhood. Dane got a hold of Chaz's mask. He would put it over his face and growl. It was awesome!
We kinda take over the neighborhood. It is such a great time!!
 My sister-in-law was hilarious. You see, she is the one with a little girl and twin boys SO she went as herself, four years ago. Notice the little one hanging on her leg. BAHAHAHAHA!!
Baby boy was spent, totally spent!
As if this wasn't enough, The kids had a school Halloween bash so we just had to get all dressed up and go. Chaz decided way back when that he wanted to be a ninja. He made an awesome ninja.
We borrowed a dragon costume from Cooper. It fit Dane perfectly!!
The photo opportunity for all three boys wasn't really happening. And I failed and only had my camera phone to work with.
Each room was set up with different games and activities.

I love running into all his sweet little friends. This is Austin, he was an astronaut.
The boys had such a great time going from room to room winning all kids of candy and toys.
At one point we started to lose the ninja. It was getting late and we had crammed a lot of activity into a very short amount of time.
That was until we happened upon the cake candy walk.
They were both so very excited about this game!
Dane kind of took it upon himself to get his own candy. This was not posed or forced. All him. This kid is exhausting.
Towards the end, the kid only wanted candy... he just didn't have time for the games and such.
This is just crazy stupid! Needless to say, the majority of this went to the office. I refused to keep this much candy in our house. No way!!
If you are interested in some throwback Halloween... 2009, 2010, 2011.. Enjoy!!

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