Friday, November 20, 2009

A cowboy, a football player, a princess and 2 monkeys!

For Halloween we headed to the Clawson's neighborhood since we just moved in to a neighborhood with few houses and Marcy and Cameron did the same this was really the best idea. and what a GREAT idea it was.. We all gathered (including my parents) for dinner and then headed out to let the little ones travel the neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating..

Before we got all dressed up we let the kids play outside. The weather was fantastic (it is usually rainy and cold on Halloween) Ben and Brandon we climbing the swing set...
Chaz and the pink watercan..
Jackson getting ready to go down the slide..
Happy boy!
Jackson being a model..
Chaz and Jackson trying to figure out how best to share the stroller and the beads... for clarification, YES they are BOYS!!!
Jackson ended up with the beads, Chaz with the pink stroller.
And now we are all suited up in our "fancy" cowboy costume.. Notice the shirt.. It is over 60 years old. It was my mom's brother's shirt when he was a little boy (it was also worn by my brother and cousin at some point) it was absolutely adorable..

Jackson the football player...
Ben = monkey #1
Brandon = monkey #2
OUR FIRST HOUSE! This was SO exciting. Chaz didn't know what was going on but knew his cousins were there so it must be something fun.. it took a few houses for him to figure it out..
"Wow, that was cool... I said Trick-or-Treat and this nice lady gave me candy and a popcorn ball!"
The "monkeys" were in "charge" of the beer.. No this does not make us bad parents.. don't judge :)
Chaz was insistent on pulling Anna in the wagon..
Anna told Meghan for weeks that Meghan would be a pink bunny and Mike would be a skunk they obliged.
Chaz and Anna started holding hands as we were trick or treating.. this lasted for HOURS.. She would lead him far enough into the yard for him to be safe, bolt to the door, wait for Chaz, hold hands after candy... repeat, repeat, repeat....
Gaga Chaz and Anna
We stopped at a house and I looked down to see this.. I had to take a picture.. and of course there is a beer in the cup holder.. no judging...
Spooky tree in the neighborhood.. I had to take a picture
Our sweet princess Anna.. (so far the only girl in the NWA set of cousins)
2 monkeys, a princess and a cowboy....
add in the football player .. who was very unhappy.. Poor Jackson
We then headed over to my Meme's house so the rest of my family could see our little cowboy.. he rung the doorbell as he had learn on the first 60 houses....
He was SO excited to have his sucker...
The look on his face is because he saw the giant bowl of candy that meme had..
Kelsey Stephen and chaz (sans the costume + the glow in the dark skeleton pjs)
Kelsey and Chaz were playing slinky jump rope and this is a terrible picture but I didn't get a good one of the pjs.. this was the best one.
Fletcher was unable to join us because he was sick.. SO a few days later Fletch, Izzy, Ryan and Chaz went Trick or treating to a few (preplanned) houses.. They knew no difference, they can't read a calendar! He was a VERY cute spongebob.. and his mommy MADE his costume!!! Unfortunately this is the only picture I have because I was a work meeting and couldn't make the festivities.. and yes Chaz dressed up as a cowboy....Too cute, good daddy's

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