Friday, November 5, 2010

"To Finity and Beyong!!" ~ Chaz "Buzz" Hill

As mentioned in the previous post Chaz was Buzz this year for Halloween. He was very excited and proud to show himself off. We decided that since last year worked out so well we would do the same song and dance this year. So we headed down to Bentonville and let Chaz nap at my mom's house. Once he woke up we were ready to head over to the Clawson's house for an early dinner and trick-or-treating with all the cousins but first I had to take a few pictures for my dad, Shane and Lisa who were all out of town for the festivities.

On our way to the Clawson's we stopped by my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jimmy's house. It was very funny when Chaz said "Trick or Treat" my uncle held out his closed fist and said "Well, we don't have any candy but we do have this" and ching, ching, ching was money in the bucket. Chaz's eyes lit up as he said "MONEY!!" He was so excited! I quickly had to deflate that balloon and tell him that he was not going to receive money at every house.
and then we were off to Meme's house. He rang the doorbell and said trick or treat.. then he opened the door. Mercy, I hope he doesn't do this at every house.Meme lives in a very "Halloween traveled" neighborhood so she had a ton of candy. After grabbing a few Chaz quickly turned to her and said "you have money?" Thanks for that one Uncle Jimmy! HA!
and then we made it to the Clawson's. Of course the entire Hill/Clawson clan was there and my mom came along to witness the insanity. We ate a yummy taco bar and then it was time to decorate cookies, as if they didn't have enough sugar coming there way. Meghan, I thought you were on my side!! The kids had a great time with Uncle Mike decorating cookies!
Perfect form for sprinkle distribution!!
Princess Anna.. No, this is not her costume. She is just simply adorable.
and then we put the Buzz costume BACK on and headed out the door. I guess two flashlights are a must for any Buzz Lightyear! I love the look on his face.. He is a man on a mission.
Pink-a-licious!!Here is the clan. Chaz "Buzz", Ben "The Cop", Brandon "The Jailbird", Fletcher "Ironman", Anna "Pinkalicious" and Jackson "Little Einstein" Note: Baby Campbell was not in the picture for fear she would roll down the hill. We could not have a cuter crew!!Ben in his sister's pink boots. There are many pictures of this silliness of the past few months. He LOVES these boots!!There she is! There is that sweet baby girl. She was a kitten. So, so cute!!
Same as last year we took 4 wagons to carry all the kids, drinks, candy, etc. Chaz rode like this for the first few blocks. The twins actually made it handcuffed together much longer than I thought they would. This is hands down one of the funniest costumes to date. If you know their personalities this fits them to a tee. I can't wait to see what Meghan comes up with next year! *no pressure Meghan*The first house the kids struck like vultures. They ran to the front door screaming the entire way "TRICK OR TREAT!!!!" You would have thought they never saw candy in.their.lives.
The kiddos were quickly wrangled by Uncle Mike for "the rules" These rules included the all important rule of "Say thank you!" There was a quick "all hands in" and "break" and we were on our way to the next house. The kids actually listened and I think I heard at least 5 out of 6 thank yous at every house. Success on the parent scale!There is this awesome house in Meghan's neighborhood. It has a LARGE coffin on the front porch, a giant spider and lots and lots of decorations. It really is my goal to be one of "those" moms. Anyways, as soon as the boys saw it they wanted to go to that house. Why wouldn't you it was making lots of noise, had flashing lights, etc.. but when they got closer they began to regret the decision. They literally stopped dead in their tracks and would not move until I went with them. This picture does zero justice for the house but I love that the boys just stopped. Stone cold!
As we stood at the door to get candy we all quickly realized that this entire house was decorated to perfection. I have never seen such a thing. It was amazing. And since the Crew was crammed at the door trying to sneak a peak, the nice homeowner offered for us to come inside and take a look. WOW! WOW! Again, I long to be one of "those" moms. It was absolutely amazing. I actually took a picture of the dining room table in hopes to someday replicate it--coffin centerpiece, spiderweb chargers, goblets of candy corn, tombstone table markers!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! *note: this is the only picture I took as it was a wee bit awkward taking pictures in someone else house. I do have a little shame.

The crew
Here is another "I took the picture to replicate" One house had some super cute and fairly simple looking pumpkins. I think painted pumpkins are so much cuter than carved. I usually do striped, metallic or polka dots. However, these people had a whole new take on that idea!
I think the sugar started to set in and everyone became quite silly. Fletch and Chaz decided that riding in the wagon while laying down would be more fun. The were giggling up a storm!and then it was time for everyone to pile on in!!
and then it was mom's turn. Yep, that is my mom... in the wagon. Yep, that is Izzy.. pulling my mom in the wagon.
and then all three kiddos decided they wanted to pull the wagon...
and my mom was still in it. As you can see Fletch decided to bring up the rear and push. What great teamwork!Jackson was D.O.N.E. by this point. I looked up and saw him like this, legs over one side of the wagon and bucket dragging the ground.

Happy Halloween to all!! What a wonderful night!!

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