Sunday, May 15, 2011

April Randomness.........

We begin with my new favorite part of the "randomness" posts (besides that cute boy who pops up from time to time) Things I see while out and about. I got some great responses when I posted these on Facebook and was actually awarded the trifecta for the three below.

The first one is simply overkill, really. The second...well we DO live in Arkansas. And the third one... well, I have to point out that the license plate says Texas, enough said. If you can't tell what it is, it is a home made bike rack made out of random welded metal parts. VERY safe! That is a drive time trifecta, folks!
This one.. OH this one. This may be a simple classic but it is a classic nonetheless. One of my pet peeves is socks with sandals. They are sandals people, embrace it and let your toes breathe!!!

One evening I was sitting on the couch waiting for my boys to come home. As soon as I heard pitter patter coming from the back door, I hear "MOMMA, wanna see my Elmo stamps?!?!?!" The picture really speaks for itself. That grin. Oh.that.grin.

This next set of pictures kills me. I love them so much that I didn't turn or alter a single one. As I was straightening the living room one afternoon I hear Ryan saying "Work it. Own it. LOVE the camera" I walk into this nonsense. Ryan was on the floor with the camera and Chaz was hanging over the edge of our bed making faces. Lots of goodness.

This is Chaz's favorite spot outside. The corner of the house, standing on a rock, tossing the cat ribbon toy in the tree. Did you see the title of this post? Randomness. Total randomness.

As you are well aware, we love the HOGS! As soon as the weather was nice again we headed back to the ball field. Chaz was super pumped. He packed up his rather large group of toys, some snacks, a chair and a drink and was ready to go!
Snackin' on peanuts.
The struggle of opening a peanut is a very time consuming thing for a 3 year-old. He was determined to get every particle of debris off the peanut.
Possibly one of my favorite pictures in recent months. His hair does the same as his mommy's when it gets humid outside. Hello curls!!I told him I loved his hair and he said "What this? Hey momma, look at this. Look at me do this. Take my picture. Can I see??"Gotta call the Hogs!
and before we knew it the reality that this game started at 6:30 and bumped right into (and past) his bedtime was staring us right in the face. Needless to say this was the last picture of the night as the next 30 minutes were Good times, folks. Good times!
One afternoon while in Bentonville visiting my parents we got an interesting call. My meme had seen a opossum in her backyard and wanted it out! She has Karlee (the dachshund) and a opossum could easily kill her. Sounds like a backwoods family outing but why not? So we all packed up in the car and headed to find the varmint. It didn't take to long but we sure confused the heck out of Chaz. 1) what is a "possump"? 2) why is he at Meme's? 3) why are we trying to catch him? 4) why is he in that cage 5) where are we taking him? 6) OH NO! Why is Papa putting him in the Hummer??? We put the little guy, in his cage, in the very back of the Hummer and drove into the woods. Chaz could not figure out what on Earth we were doing. Papa and Daddy climbed out of the car and headed over to this woodsy area. Note: if you don't know by now, my husband is a total CityBoy so this was FAR out of his realm of normalcy.
Then they released him. He scurried off behind the tree. Silly little varmint.
We circled back to see where he ended up. Little guy had climbed the tree and was just loo at us. It looked as if he was saying "What the heck??? Why did you drag me all the way out here and let me go???" Chaz kept asking where his mommy was, poor little guy.
but it didn't take long for him to get back to his silly self, hanging out the front window. "Momma, take a picture! And can I see it???" This is obviously his "new thing."
Sometimes Ryan will randomly keep Chaz home from school. They enjoy playing hookie or just "hangin' out" as Chaz would tell you. Most of the time they do lots of random things, Chaz wears costumes or odd "matching" clothing, they go shopping, they eat whatever they want, they bathe in the sink, etc. You just never really know what might happen with these two. This day I get a text from Ryan.......What happened?? Well, Chaz has a small infatuation with sunscreen. He wants to put it on at all times. When he woke up from his nap he was very quite and got into the sunscreen. Once he was "done" he went into the office to find his daddy. "Look what I did! I'm ready to play outside" Wow. Wow. Wow. Needless to say he made an immediate trip to the shower and the sunscreen found a new home... in a higher place
Sweet boy crashed in the back of the car.
This is the sweet face I have to leave every morning to go to work. Ahhhhhh, I am not even sure how I make it out the door. Look at that face!!
Chaz just moved up to a new class so I was a little out of my element when I went to the school Easter party. I only got a few shots but as you can see I covered the important parts... Chaz
and cute little chocolate bunnies. Bunnies my husband made (I know, Martha Stewart) He literally went to his mom's house to get the molds she used when he was a kid. I was very impressed.
My Easter wreath. I just LOVE making these things.
I had a few days off work so we decided to head over to Branson for a little shopping trip. Chaz decided a frisbee from Touch-A-Truck would make a good hat for the car ride over.
Even though there a numerous ride on machines around the outlet mall Chaz always gravitates to this one.
On our way to Branson Chaz kept asking to go to the "ride thingy." His elephant memory is phenomenal. He remembered this (check the middle of the blog) from when we went to Brandon in August. We told him we would go but when we got to the place it was entirely dismantled. I noticed this as we came upon it and I told Ryan to keep driving and drive fast. I didn't want Chaz to see it and be disappointed. It really made me sad when we had to tell him the place was closed. He was not happy about it! On the way home Ryan and I decided we would take the boy to Fastlanes. We promised him fun, we were going to have fun.. darn it!!

Candy claw machine.. Why not??
Watch the big kids do the go carts. Why not??
Play the GIANT operation game. Why not???Play the race car game that cost a full dollar for one game. Why not?? We were going to have F.U.N!!!and a sweet little sidebar picture of my boy's little piggys. As you are well aware.. I heart the baby piggys.
One morning Chaz and I decided to get up early and headed out to Toys R Us. We just decided to tootle around and enjoy the morning. Chaz likes to take the toys down and play with the on the ground or under the cart. I loved just sitting, watching him play. He was so calm, just in his own little world. As we were walking I hear "Look Mommy!" I turn to see my child with a bike pump in his ear. "Momma, it tickles." I mean seriously, what made him decide to put a bike pump in his ear. Silly boy!Before we left I let him jump up on the totally-germy-ever-so-gross-Winnie-the-Pooh riding machine. He loves it. I just have to ignore the gross factor. I wanted to take a picture but next thing I know he does this.... "Momma, did you get a picture of me doin' this????" Yes, yes son I did. Classic.Oh, and we did end up purchasing something.. A Cars umbrella. It is the cutest thing e.v.e.r. He loves it and literally takes it everywhere he goes.
Saturday naptime on the couch with mommy. Love this boy!
Happy April randomness!!

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