Monday, April 25, 2011


It was cold but not even close to last year. We had pumped this one up for a week so there was no way we were missing it! Saturday morning it was up and at 'em and we headed out to Touch-A-Truck. We were much smarter with our outfit choices this year --last year we pulled Chaz's socks up to his knees to try and close the gap between his socks and his shorts. Mom of the Year right here folks. This year we came complete with a hat, jacket, pants and tennis shoes. I did bring his big winter coat but I left it in the car as I decided it was a wee bit overkill.
Of course, we brought Fletcher and Izzy along for the fun. It is WAY more fun to climb around in trucks with your BFF. Just look at the smiles on their faces!
This truck was HUGE. Being the excellent parents we are we said "Hey, I bet you could walk under that truck." Sure, why not? Because if there is a 4 year-old they will do this. Probably not smiled upon but the Touch-A-Truck officials. Whoops!I loved seeing the kiddos climb around in the trucks. I tried to get in most of them with them but there were a few times that I remained on the outside. I love this one. I literally could hear Fletch say "Hey Chaz, there is your mom!"
The boys took a spin in the little cars -- not really, they were stationary.

A visit to the boats! I love the beautiful sky. It looks like they could actually be at the lake.

The only quite place at the entire event. Everything else had a horn!
The fire truck. He loved it!

and the nice fireman asked if the boys wanted to try and pick up the jaws of life. Obviously, this wasn't happening as they weigh a good 10-20lbs more than the boys.

The bouncy house, oh how I loathe you. As soon as we stepped out of the car, both boys yelled "WE GO TO THE BOUNCY HOUSE" Uh, no. You have to wait. I know, I am a mean mom but if I let them start with the bouncy house we wouldn't have seen anything else. Balance people, balance.
This little gem was hidden on the side of the event. The boys loved racing the boxcars. We quickly learned my son is not a humble winner...we are going to need to work on that. After the race the boys got a little boxcar "kit" so they could make one at home. Very cute.
"I'm tired.. and hungry"
but wait. Where did this burst of energy come from? Well, he saw a truck he liked very much. What was it??
Yep, the garbage truck. I know, I know. Ever since the first viewing of Toy Story 3, he has been obsessed with garbage trucks. To see one in person was like seeing the Grand Canyon. He was beside himself with excitement.
A little bit of tractor fun..
This is the grin after honking the really loud horn.
They did this themselves. I promise. I love, love, love the next set of pictures. The one of both the boys is a bit blurry but you know my philosophy. The more fun, the more blur. Enjoy this little section.. I sure did!

One last jaunt around the event and the boys were pooped. They plopped down in these chairs to watch some ladies doing Zumba. The boys thought it was hilarious.
Then they decided to join in. I could barely take pictures I was laughing so hard. They were trying really hard to get the moves right. It was adorable.

and then this happened.. My hubby, oh my hubby. He really has no shame. He had people rolling and the boys loved every moment of it. I guess that is life. What is the point if you are not living it, right?

What a great morning! Maybe next year it will be warm... Nahhhh!

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