Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why wouldn't we give the baby a BLUE sucker??

ok, let me begin by saying i have a few blogs (this one included) where i poke fun at my husband's "choices" when it comes to chaz.. He does do some "interesting" things but I have to say his is the absolute best daddy to our little guy.. there are just times where i grab my camera because whatever is going on MUST be documented as it is something i would never do... I have to admit my life is never, ever boring .......and so we roll into incident #465.. the BLUE ring pop..

Ok all you moms out there..admit it...the first thing you think of when you hear sucker is -Sticky. and you would NEVER step foot next to a BLUE sucker.. much less give it to a two year old.. well i think whatever that gene is, is not in a mans DNA because my husband handed this one over without question.
Of course the second i realize Chaz has a BLUE sucker i run for the camera.. the damage was done ..and it was actually very cute damage.

This is the face he gives me which translates to "daddy let me do it"

and of course we have to have a picture with a BLUE taco tongue...

and the face when you take the sucker away......i have a limit people :)

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