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Chaz's last day of Kindergarten // 6.13.2014

I thought I was prepared.. Really, I did. But then this came. The last day.

This kid doesn't care. He is always pumped, pretty much about any and everything. I tell you, nothing scares him. Especially when it is last day of school/field day and he gets to wear his swim suit.
To be clear, I was not scared.. not super sad... It just feels like a whirlwind. Where in creation did this year go? We went from the Gary Sinise and  Spring Frankenstein pictures to the end of the year. BAM! That quick!

I do have some anxiety as to his new class.. you know I am a creature of habit, so is he, so to say new teacher, new class, new classroom, new routine, etc, etc.. It is a little scary.
Again, he didn't have a concern in the world. He was probably more worried with me taking 92,000 pictures and the possibility of him being late to field day.
But I mean, what am I suppose to do?? He is precious and I wanted to capture these memories!
Then there was this. Holy.Hell. I took the day off and signed up for this craziness.
And I was pretty pumped that I did!
Ryan and the baby were there to shoot people with waterguns while I tried to keep up and get pictures of all of the chaos.
Chaz and his best buddies getting ready for the nonsense that was about to ensue.
The first thing they picked to do was a giant waterslide.
and they waited... and waited.... and waited. I made them stick with it as it was just one of those things where everything had a line.
Finally he was in!
and out, just as quickly!
And then he told me he was freezing and ready to go home. Yes, go home.
ummmmmmmmm, no buddy. Suck it up and enjoy your last day of school!
The great thing about having kids this age is your friends have kids this age -- or within a few grades here and there.. and we all go to the same school. SOOOO when Leslie found out she missed out on this, we knew she was going to be there for the last day.
And, of course Jill was there. Love these two!
Another neighbor and friend. I seriously love that we can enjoy mommas' night out, neighborhood pizza parties, all run for shelter when the power goes out in a snowstorm and last day of school events as a crew. It is awesome!!
The baby and the daddy plotting, with waterguns, against the big kids.
The best one was this waterslide. The kids had a blast!
Miles, who refuses to smile for me. Jackson, who always smiles for me. And little Hudson with a stellar photobomb!
They were getting ready for the cool slide.
And they are off!!! Jackson was first.
Then Miles.
Then Hud. Always up to ham it up for my camera.
Such the ham!
Leslie's boy, Noah, playing this silly game and making equally as silly faces.
Jackson and Chaz made quite the team.
Goofy Hud.
The big kids had a great time but the baby, the baby had a BLAST!!
This was another favorite. Tug-of-war. Chaz was so excited to do this. I don't know that he knew what it was all about but he was excited nonetheless.
The smirk.
Winner. Winner!
Seriously, having the time of his life.
Chaz found the dunk game as rocked it. Six in a row!
I think he was wearing down.
Why wouldn't you walk with a sponge on your head?
Oh Hud, you are one of my favs!
More sponges, more heads.
I had a hard time keeping up with him. He would dart one way and as soon as I would get there, he would dart the other way!
Then we went to this. Gross. See all that brown, that is mud. Yep, mud. It was nasty.
He didn't seem to care.
At the end, we found a ladybug. I hear they are good luck which I thought was a wonderful thing for the last day of school.
He was done. D.O.N.E.
We found his teacher and got hugs. Yes, I cried. She cried. We all cried. At that point I decided I was just going to take him with me for the day. I was a mess. We went and said goodbye to his classroom
Such a goofball. I think he was making fun of me.
Yes, I looked like this the majority of the day. I had bags of water, clothes, camera stuff, etc. just hanging off of me.

We stopped on the way home to get some McDs. It seemed appropriate for the last day. No rules. Welcome Summer and the longest french fry ever. 
When we got home, I cleaned out his backpack. I found this. Front and back. I put this in his backpack the first day of school. Although it was a little beaten up, he managed to keep hold of it all year.

I found this picture and absolutely precious note from his teacher. I loved her!! Yes, I wept while my kiddo was in the shower. I tried to keep it together but I didn't do a great job.  Thank you, Mrs. O'Mara!!  I always knew he was in such good hands.

Some final schoolwork from his Kindergarten year.
We ran some errands. We went to Sam's. Monster pretzel was a must!
And I had to take a picture of this. The giant butterfly caught me a little off guard. Rock on, lady!
So sweet!
And exhausted.
Once we we able to get in a good rest, I went and picked up some of his buddies for a trip to the snowcone stand. I think they were excited.
Love this. What I love even more is the liquor store sign in the background. Oops. Mommafail.
We both had such a great last day. He was proud of himself for how good he did in Kindergarten. He had an amazing year, an amazing teacher and an amazing class. Bring on first grade!!

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