Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chaz's first day of Kindergarten // 8.7.2013

This came in the mail about a week before school started. WOAH. Deep breathe, momma. Public schools? Yep, he would be starting Kindergarten soon and there was no way to slow down this freight train.
We went to the school the evening before to find out his class and meet his teacher. He was so proud to see his name on a list. This was getting real, folks!
First day.. Breathe in, Breathe out. He was amped and ready to go. Not a fear at all. Nothing. His only concern was for me to speed up the picture taking so that he wasn't late for school.

August 7th, 2013. Five years-old (almost six) He is so incredibly smart. He can count way past 100, writes his name and those of many other family members, dresses and showers himself, rides a bike, still has all his teeth (begrudgingly) and is VERY excited about this new milestone of Kindergarten.
He is a very happy and somewhat goofy kid.
He has a very kind heart and tries to make others happy and proud of him. He is very sweet to his little brother, although they still act like brothers from time to time.
I tried and tried to get him a new backpack, but no. He wanted to use this one. I am fairly certain I bought it when he was a baby. He just loved that it had his name on it. The hubs saw this as a major bargain.
Little brother wanted to get in the picture. He can't refrain from making this face when he smiles.
The entire way there we kept asking "Are you good? Are you excited?" He just kept this look on his face and repeated "Uh huh" I know for sure I was WAY more nervous than he was but, as of this point... I didn't shed a single tear.
Classic parent pictures. I love these.
OMG. Breathe....This is it.
They had some activities for the kiddos so we wouldn't have to just dump and run. We hung out for a bit until Chaz told us "Ok, I am fine. You can go now." Seriously? There were children melting and mine told me to go away. I didn't know if I should be hurt or proud. Once I was able to giggle about it, I decided to be proud. What a strong, confident and independent little fellow we have raised!
Of course brother wanted to stay and play. Sorry buddy, you have to come with us. I think it was more painful on Dane to be put back in the car without Chaz. From the time he started school, he and Chaz have always gone to the same school. He was very sad.
Sweet, sweet teacher, please take care of my sweet, sweet baby.
I was worse in the beginning, the hubs had a hard time leaving at the end. This was after Chaz told us we could go. The hubs and the baby just lingered in the doorway.
We headed home (literally across the street) so I could get my car and head to work. I was fine until we topped the hill.... and I lost it. I don't know what it was about that moment but I broke. I went to my bathroom, sat in the dark for a few minutes and took a really deep breath. I then refreshed my makeup and was off to work. I am a worrywart by nature so you can only imagine the knots in my stomach that day. I decided to pick him up that day.... and this is what I got. VERY happy boy. He was in one piece, grinning ear to ear and told me all about his awesome first day. Exhale.
He didn't eat much (not surprising) but he had a wonderful day!
and was sacked out on the couch by 7:00. Thanks Kindergarten, this part I can get used to!!!
I am so very proud of my family for hitting this milestone. I knew it was coming, I knew he was going to keep getting bigger. I guess I can't keep him a baby for the rest of his life. But he is and will always be my first baby. He gave me the wonderful gift of becoming a momma. I love this kid to the moon and back. Happy first day, Chaz!

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