Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring School pictures // 2014

 Here we go again, school pictures. I have no idea why we have Fall AND Spring but I will take it. I love, love, love cheesy school pictures. There is nothing better. Fall pictures did not fail to meet my expectations of cheesiness.  With the story of Fall, I was a little better prepared for Spring---New shirt-check, Hair cut-check. Money for pictures-check. Not knowing your kid's hair would fall and make the weirdest Dracula hair ever, damn. Somethings you just can't plan for. At least the smile is getting better. 
 AND now for the class picture. This thing is epic. I love every thing about it. From the Frankenstein in the middle (yes, that is mine. We went from Dracula to Frankenstein.) to the little girl in the back who is melting (second from the left) to crooked smile dude (second row, second from the left)  I could go on and on. Just take a minute and look at all their hilarious precious faces.
 As you can see from the absolutely ridiculous price on the right, we don't buy all the school pictures. Although they are precious enough that I could. You will just have to be happy with the scan of the proofs. He is just a dollface. LOVE!!
 I did have to purchase this one! I also purchased one of the bunny ones. I just love the outfit too. This was 100% his daddy. He loves, loves, loves his green boots so it was no surprise he wanted to wear them. Funny thing is, they are hand-me-downs from Chaz. He loved them just as much and I randomly bought them at Walmart for $4. Score.

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