Saturday, April 19, 2014

Color Run // 4.2014

Chaz's school had a color run, not the ones where you run through the color spray. This one was organized by age group. The kiddos were color blocked and ran at different times. I was off work that day so, of course, we headed on down to see what all the fuss was about. Chaz was part of the blue group. I was ready and had my camera aimed the entire time.

Funny thing, the first person down the hill was our friend Jackson. He was booking it!
and then the rest of the kiddos came. I totally missed my own kid. All the sudden I look behind me and he had passed me!
Luckily I have a hubs who can run much faster than me. He bolted around the school to the other side and got some great shots.
This one. I mean my kiddos looks like he could just die but check that kiddo behind him. AMAZING!!!
Love this kiddo. He did such and amazing job!
He was exhausted but he did great and had a fantastic time. I can't wait until next year!
And Jackson. He was super stoked to be the first kid across the finish-line. I was pretty proud of him myself! Great job buddy!!
Chaz had some other buddies that were willing to endure my paparazzi moment. They all had a blast!! this kiddo!!
Then they all sat (except mine, who is the one standing in the middle) to watch the other kids come through.
Chaz, Jackson, Hudson, Jill, Ryan and myself went back up to the top of the hill and shot the kiddos with waterguns. Good times!
Hud, you are such a doll baller.
Jill was in charge of high-fives. Of course, I get a shot where they totally miss the connection. HAHAHA!
Jackson was a hit with the green group. It was a little warm and all the kids wanted to be shot.
Hud jumped in for some high-five times. He was a little better at the connecting than his momma!
I love this school. They are all about the kids and have some of the best activities!

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