Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall School pictures // 2013

The dreaded awesome school pictures. Well as a kid, I dreaded them. I am not sure if everyone else did. As a mom, I try really hard to have the kids ready, clothes picked out, hair brushed and to school on time and pumped for pictures... I said I try..

So here is what happened for the boy this year.. I had the most precious handsome outfit picked out and everything else mentioned above. I even took him for a pre-picture haircut. The night before I filled out all the paperwork, complete with choosing a complementary background based on his outfit, and put it on the counter. I gave the hubs SPECIFIC instruction to grab it and place a check for the circled amount in the attached envelope. One job.

When Chaz got home I received what can only be described as a wishy--washy story about how he may or may not have gotten his picture taken. This was very odd to me as he is a very forthright kid. 

Anyway, time passed and I didn't think anything about it until we receive a note for make-up picture day (the day before, mind you) I turned to the hubs and asked if he had seen the pictures Chaz had taken. Crickets. Crickets followed by another wishy-washy story about how I knew the pictures weren't taken on the original day because he didn't have a check or the paperwork. WHAT?!?! Ummmmmm, no. Trust me I would have remembered that. 

Mad dash of a momma to find good clothes for make-up picture day. Note: it was now cold and Chaz has grown about an inch and a half so just reusing the original clothes was not an option. I had to find cute fall clothes. And it was 8pm.  And the kiddo was running VERY low on proper fitting fall clothes. And the hair had grown out and was to the point of impossible to fix. Did you ask if this all made me happy? Of course you didn't.. That would just be silly.

Pictures were taken and life went on. 

Until we received these in Chaz's backpack. Wanna know what the hubs said? "Why is he smiling funny?"  

*Try to think of something nice to say. Try. Really try*
"Well if the check would have been sent on the original day, we wouldn't have this problem. One job." 
Oops, that was my out loud and not nice voice. Ugh.

Oh well. It makes for a great story and I know, based on my own pictures (third grade in particular..straight off the playground, hair a mess and covered in dirt and sweat) that not all school pictures will be great, or even good for that matter. 

I think he is precious cute smile or creepy Gary Sinise smile. It doesn't really matter to me.
The baby came out better. The check DID make it to his school in time and the preciousness shined through.
I love all my boys so very much. They are precious as can be and the oldest one makes for great subject matter to awesome stories. Thanks for hanging in there with me when I freak out over school pictures. We are both crazy pants.

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