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May // 2014

 May, I am about to rock your random socks off!

Sometimes it is fun to mess with your kids and record them while doing so. I mean, that IS why we have them, right?
This was about 42 seconds later.. bag packed, pillow and blanket in hand, shoes on and standing in the front lawn waiting to be picked up by his BFF for a sleepover. Loves him!
 There is nothing more sad yet adorably yummy than a sick, sleeping baby.
 This kid, this game. It takes me back to Zoltar on Big.
 The men boys from the neighborhood. I think they are throwing gang signs by the hubs' real estate sign. Yes, they are totally thug.
 You are obviously aware by now, I live in a neighborhood FULL of kiddos. It took several years for it to fill up but we finally have what I always dreamed my kiddos would have growing up--LOTS of neighborhood kids friends. Well, with that comes a house full of messy hands, hungry bellies, grass on the floors and of course this.. oh this. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Family bike rides are the best!! We got Dane's seat this year and it is a hit. He thinks he is driving and he can see! He also doesn't get as hot as he would riding behind the hubs. A+ all around!!
 Chaz decided to be my helper one Saturday and join me for a little Walmart "fun." As we were checking out, I noticed this. I never asked if it was an accident or on purpose because I didn't want to embarrass him. I love this cutie.
 What? Your work doesn't bring in a camel, ice cream social, July snowball fight, Charlie Chapman impersonator or a mariachi band? You lose. I win.
 This is probably my favorite video ever! You see, my little guy is obsessed (understatement) with a little cartoon called Peppa Pig. If you don't know, it is British... and with this, my child has developed a British accent and picked up on certain sayings... like "You cheeky rascal"   LOVE!!!
What happens when you discover it is 'stache day at 7:45am?  You improvise... and have a VERY pissed off baby. The hubs texted me this one morning.
 Yeah, he wasn't a fan. Only good news is it wasn't a Sharpie.
 Potty training is taking us dooooooooooown. Thank God he is cute.
 And then there is this.. Yep, please hold all your applause for Mother of the Year.  I am sure you have see a few posts about "Rise and Shine" which is the Friday morning event at Chaz's school. It happens every Friday. Some are eventful, some are not. I am able to attend a few here and there but the hubs manages to make it to all of them, with the baby in tow. Ummmmm, except this day. This day he had a dentist appointment and I had an early meeting so we shuffled the kids off to school and didn't really think about it again..

Well, until I got this text from my friend Jill. Ugh. My heart sank. Really? The Sprit Stick?? This is a big deal!! 1) Only one person gets it per week 2) Kindergarteners don't usually get it... Did I mention there are close to 500 kids in this school? The odds were not in his favor. Well, he did it. AND we missed it.

He wasn't upset. He knew Miss Jill was going to send this to his Mommy and Daddy and he got major praises from her. THANK GOODNESS for good friends! We are a village.
The school was nice enough to send this home in his folder.. maybe next time they will send a note a few weeks before so we are able to make it!! Ok, that is just bitter Mom of the Year speaking there. Good job, buddy!
 Mothers day. I happened to have this day off, so I headed to the daycare to take part in the festivities they had planned. I love these two pictures. Seriously, don't grow up. Ever.
Forgive my hotmess self. It was a day of yard work and chores with a splash of cuteness from this kid. Isn't he dreamy?!?!
 We made flower pots.. with little petal fingerprints. We were a mess but I LOVE this!! Good job!
 He was super excited when I told him I was just going to take him with me. Can I just bottle him up and keep him this big forever?!?!
 Later that weekend we headed into family pictures. We were all getting ready at my parents house so I let him play for a bit. What? You thought I would actually dress him before the pictures? Nope, very.very.very last minute.
 BFFs eating icey pops in the driveway. May evenings were still a little chilly.
 And in other news, we started baseball this year (further posts to come) Oddly enough, I love this. I could scrub and wash these pants everyday. I know, I know. Totally against my OCDness. 
 Babies... mmmmmmmmmmmm... yummy. Sweet little Lillian.
 Some days we decide to sport a green mohawk to the local Farmer's Market. Why not?
 My little goober was happy as a green-mohawk-wearing little clam.
 We went into one of my favorite stores and he noticed himself in the mirror. "Woah, momma!! Why my hair green? Is dat my hair?"  I guess I should teach him to look in the mirror BEFORE leaving the house. It may come in handy later in life. 
 Wrigs became a walking billboard.
 The kids love the Farmer's Market. It doesn't hurt when they have fun things to do. Like pose in the little hog cutout. Cute!!
 Unless you are two and can't quite figure it out.
 It took him a minute but he finally got it. HA!
 Such a fun morning!! Love my crew!
 So, sometimes I get a wild hair. This one started with me looking at the boy's game room and thinking it was beyond boring.. SO I grabbed some grey chalk paint and painted the HUGE entertainment center.. that wasn't enough so then I got some bright blue paint and went over the light green wall..
Then I had my daddy build a second set of shelves for the baby.. and I started painting them...
Then I took a break to smell the flowers. Literally, I bought a plant at Lowes last year for like $3.. it was on it's last life.. This year it bloomed these BEAUTIFUL peonies. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
 Back to the paint. How stinkin' cute are these shelves?? They remind me of fruit striped gum.
 Insert... "This game room is GOING to be fun dammit!!" I think I did a good job.
So far so good. The walls need some more fun stuff and I am certain there is something else I need to paint. We also managed to clean out and sort a ton of toys. I have a bunch of baby toys if anyone is interested!
Random evening of dinner with friends and some movie watching with his buddy. Aren't they cute??
 He decided he wanted to help Miss Brooke water her plants. 
 I think he watered more concrete than anything.
 Well once you get them wet, they just tend to go a little crazy.....and redneck.  The pictures really do speak for themselves.
 What? Not normal?!?
  They love each other!
 More babies. This is sweet little Avery Huhn. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I love when they are so new. 
 Congrats to my sweet friend, Sarah!  Welcome to Mommyhood!
 I love when I find little things like this. Love him.
 And this guy.. what is he doing? Well he is taking those tiny little packets with like three flakes of red pepper and refilling his container. Cheapass.
 Just a normal night at the Hill house. Our baby was a former member of the 300 crew. 
 I love my normal.
  Unphased. Unimpressed.
 He looks a little like his daddy circa 1998. HA!
 More baby lovin' My sweet friend Lillian. 
While working one evening I look over to see this. My heart burst and I became very jealous. I love my boys!
 #boymom = lizards. These were some lizards Chaz and Hayes had at Hayes'' house. They had fed them, made obstacle course, housing, etc.. So when Hayes' left for vacation and didn't line up proper lizard care, Chaz flipped. He made the hubs go to their house one evening and "save" the lizards from the back porch. They hung out on our back porch for a few days until the hubs finally convinced Chaz to set them free. Of course he had to call and approve this move with his fellow lizard pal. Hayes approved and we moved forward with the goodbyes and release.  He made me take several pictures so he could "remember them"

Saying goodbye to each other. This was ALL him. HA!
 One more pose before they were released.
Peace out, Homies!
 Not interested in the happenings, just kickin' it in my unders.
 Love this. All the pain washed of fin the rain but they were pretty for a few days.
 I am often faced with people that don't understand mommyhood. To be clear, I don't think everyone has to have kids. It was my choice to do so and I am so glad I did. I love them. They are a blessing. I know I miss some things that others do but I never feel like I am "missing out" what I have is so overwhelmingly beautiful. It is fulfilling. It is real. They are my little miracles. 
 May was rough, summer was right around the corner and it was just taunting me.
 You know who you are...HAHA!
 Yes, I am!
 OMG. My momma. There really aren't words, she is simply amazing. Oddly enough, her favorite animal is a giraffe so I found this to be oh so perfect!!
 Just some more funnies.
 Sorry, it is wrong.. but SO funny!! Please, zoom in.
 This was part of my Mother's Day goodness. I already posted my Mother's Day post and I missed this. Nope, not 65. Nope, I don't weight 134. Nope, my favorite food isn't pizza (or pesa)  I like purple and Miss Brooke is ok (heehee!)
 Some days you just have to breathe.
 Came across this and I really have no words. Tanks on men are wrong any way but this takes it to an entirely different level.
 Speaking of fashion. I am not the most savy of the bunch but I DO know this is NOT ok. Really?? This was in a magazine.. what?!?!
 Yes, I have a few.. maybe more crazy ones than I care to mention.
 Speaking of crazy.. how fun is this?!?!?!
 I posted this on FB one day "My hubs's new car" You would not believe how many people though he had a new Chevy. HA!
 I do. Don't we all?
Randomness at it's fullest. I hope you enjoyed!!

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