Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day weekend // 2014

 Mother [muhth-er] - noun
  1. One person who does the work of twenty.....for free
And these are the reasons I do everything I do. The reasons I wake up, work my butt of at work and at home, smother them with love and kisses, beat myself up for not being the perfect mother (we all do this, right) and realize I have never loved anyone as much as I love my children (sorry, Hubs.. I love you but these munchkins hung the moon)
You notice the ones above are individual because this is what happens when I try to get a good one together. One is mesmerized by the iPad and the other is cheesing. 
Mother's Day weekend, all I wanted to do was spend time with my family and chill. Baseball in my parent's backyard meets this requirement.
Chaz had a cheering squad of Aunt Lisa and brother.
Channeling a little Bo Jackson.
Ummmm, yeah. He is hiding. Do you see him?
Someone had to sit down because he was laughing so hard at his brother's silly antics.
Still hiding.
Back to baseball.
Someone came out of hiding to throw rocks on his own head. He is a goofball.
Chaz wanted me to take a "buncha pictures of me running really fast. Just hold down the button on your camera, it will do the rest" I have no idea how he knew this but here you go!
Then he wanted to do this with his Daddy. Chaz was behind the camera.
Love, love, love this kiddo!
This is probably one of their favorite spots at Gaga and Papa's house. Curled up on the couch watching a movie.
The next day we spent some more time hanging out at my parents house with my family. This was my kind of Mother's Day. 

My brother and the hubs decided to shoot the BB guns. Sad thing was when I walked out I found Wrigley under a table at the corner of the deck. Poor buddy was shot with a BB gun by his former owners. Needless to say, we forgot and this scared the crap out of our sweet pup. Poor guy!
Later that day it was time to enjoy some of Daddy's yummy grilling. MMMMMMMMM!
Chaz helped Aunt Sandra with the watermelon. He is getting so big!!
And Dane played in the floor with Meme. Yes, it is mid afternoon and he is still in his pjs. You can get away with a lot more at Gaga's house.
Then it was time for presents. This boy was SO excited to give me his.
Complete with a handmade paper bag, colored to the nines. He gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received.
He just had to show it off to Uncle Shane and Papa.
My sweet Meme opening her gifts. My daddy was so thoughtful and made sure each momma got roses.

Miss Bettye.
Michelle and her GIANT card!
Chaz had to help Gaga with her cards. He is kinda sweet on her.
Meme with her girls. I love the reds.
Picture time with my boy!
Chaz hates it when I pretend to eat his face. I have so many of these pictures and I think they are hilarious.
Hi, I am a super cute baby and I am going to eat my cake with my super cute baby face.
See, told ya!
Then he decided to attack me. I love this boymom aspect of the kiddos. They are so much fun, spunky and sweet all at the same time!

And then we attempt to get a good picture of us......
This is the real us. I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing and I think these two can make that possible.
We also had a wonderful lunch with my mother and sisters-in-law... along with the rest of the family! 

I am so stinkin' blessed and could not think of a better way to spend Mother's day weekend!!

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