Saturday, May 24, 2014

Picture time! // 2014

Yes, it is that time of year... or I guess a little past that time. We usually do my side of the family in the fall but this year we decided to change things up and take them in the Spring.  We also switched photographers. Our regular photographer's wife had their twins many, many weeks early so I had to go on a mad dash to find a new one.

I was SOOOO pleased with who I picked and how the pictures turned out. If you need someone, Stephanie Henderson is your girl!

The normal characters- our four, mom and dad, Meme, Shane and Lisa. We decided to start in my parent's backyard, which is basically a park. AH-mazing!
LOVE my family!
And the boys love these two so much!
And these two.... lots of love!
By this point, Dane was already having attitude. He doesn't really like having his picture taken anyway so this was asking a lot. He wanted his Ironman so we obliged.
And then he was NOT having the sharing thing with Meme. I love these two pictures. Dane is fighting, Meme is patient and Chaz is annoyed. I told Stephanie to just keep shooting, I wanted these memories! Isn't this what family pictures is all about?!?
He came around a bit once we let him do what he wanted. I mean, that is really the key with this kid. His world, we are just living in it.
I don't get to see these two near as often as I would like. I love when they get to come and visit and they were nice enough to play along in my "family picture time" day. Love them!
And my folks. I mean, really. Could they be any cuter? They have been married for almost 48 years and still act like teenagers. If you ever want to know what marriage is all about, just ask these two. They pretty much wrote the book.
And they have some pretty cool people to show for it.
And this lady, goodness, this lady. I have more love for this tiny little red than I could even try to explain. Let me just say, when he made her, he broke the mold.
And my love. This guys is my partner in crime, my first child, my love, my best friend and the guy who drives me crazy at times. All of which I wouldn't change for the world!!
Did I mention goofball? Yeah, major goofball.
Chaz actually pulled Stephanie aside and asked if she would come to the back of the yard and take some pictures of him. My little supermodel.
All him, folks. This was all.him!
The baby had reverted to his mood but Stephanie wasn't letting him get away without some amazing candids.
Then we headed to Crystal Bridged. I found out after the fact that my sweet Meme couldn't get out of the car because she had major allergies to some of the bushes/flowers. Fail on my part but at least we got some good ones of the rest of us.
Dane.. just doin' his thing.
He loves his Avengers. Seriously, loves them.
Sassy fools.
A few momma minutes with my baby. Yummy.
I guess this was where he decided he needed to ham it up. Score!
My fam. I love these people to the moon and back. They are my heart and soul.
Yep, again with his men. He loves these things. This is him. I am so glad she captured all his antics as one day I will forget. When he is 16 and arguing with me on how late he can stay out, I will remember these pictures and this sweet, yet ornery, little guy.
Chaz really wanted a picture in the Love sign.
Dane was a little iffy
Sweet baby!
My loves
Love these guys!
The crew!
Me and the hubs.
Again, SUCH the goofball.
Me and my momma. I love this lady, she is my rock!

The end. They were done with me and my picture craziness.
 But as if I hadn't pushed the envelope enough. I wanted one more.. one like this.
Well, THIS is how ours turned out. It makes me laugh so hard. Real life vs pretty interwebs life. HAHA!!

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