Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April // 2014

Where does the baby go when he suddenly is no where to be found? Around the corner and stuck in the soccer net with Ironman. Duh.
We had a little period with a sick little guy. Poor dude.

He was rather puny for a few days and just wanted his momma and/or Ironman.

I love random days when I wake up with to this. Thank goodness we have a big bed! Some days I don't even realize he has joined us.
How stinkin' sweet is this?? I saw this on a friend's FB page. Her little boy had to get classes and was a little reluctant about it, to say the least. His teacher ordered all the kids fake glasses to wear the first day her boy had to wear his to school. How sweet is that?!!?!
If you know me, you know my #1 addiction is my Sonic unsweetened tea in the morning... well, I about choked on it one morning when the price of lemons increased... THIRTY cents for a lemon wedge?!?!? Wowza.Anyone who wants to get me a gift card is welcome to!
One of the best WM shoppers long as he has Ironman.
Best friends are for dragging...right?
This is an example of the things I find around my house. More and more solidifying that I am a boymom.
Sometimes they are sweet. I mean, most of the time they are sweet...independently. It is when they are sweet together that I have to get a picture!
So these officially flat-lined this month. Booooooooo.  I could go on and on about how not to get your trees from Sharums but I will just say, Don't do it!
Some days school just up and kicks him in the booty!
And some days everything kicks us in the booty. I just noticed this post looks like we do a lot of napping. We really don't but if it is rainy and gross outside, like most of April is, we tend to turn the napping up a notch.
We did try to hit the potty training a little harder this month and the motto was "whatever it takes!" Like eating your dinner while sitting on the potty. Notice the extra plate for his foot. HA!
A blanket and a book? Ok...
One of my favs. Ironman. Notice his support group over there to the right, Ironman and Captain America.

He wasn't a fan of me taking his picture.
Frog towels provide the right amount of coverage.
And he decides to cheese for me.

Brother was not impressed.
But decided he would cheese as well. Love these boys.
Chaz convinced Papa to help him build a bike ramp.
He was convinced he was getting air.
Then we decided to let the clown try. HA! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
Yes, he often sleeps with his Captain America shield. He takes this thing everywhere!!
Just hanging out. Just being cute.
Some days they are just pure sweetness, at least for a few minutes.
He wanted some more pictures of his second tooth loss! Love this kiddo!!
He started his first year of baseball. To say he was pumped would be a wee bit of an understatement. He was sooooooooooo excited. You will have to wait for another post to see how the season went.
One of the best things about the baseball season? He was sacked out after every game.
Wicked clouds in our neighborhood. I thought the pictures were amazing. And no, there is no filter or edits on these. Amazing, huh?
Haircut time! I am so very blessed that my sweet Meme is still able to cut my boys' hair. She does such a great job and the boys (all three of them) are so good for her!!
Sometimes it takes just a few extra hands with the baby. He is a restless little fellow!
And now for the very funny and totally random in my life... Wrigley's BFF has gone from mohawk labradoodle to odd-lion-kinda-dog-thing. He makes me giggle.
This is what happens when I take the boy to work, he totally vandalizes my coworkers cubes!
Speaking of work.. does your work bring a Charlie Chaplin impersonator to work? Probably not. You probably also don't get things like a camel for Humpday... but we do (Scroll about half way down) Yep, pretty awesome place to be!
The baby had character day at school. The hubs sent me this picture before he took him to school. He dressed him as a pirate as we already had a costume. The hubs promised me he was happy but I beg to differ based on the picture I received. HA!
Shopping with the baby, always an experience.
Sometimes you just have to screenshot the convos. They are too good to miss!
And one I wish I would have screen grabbed was when I left for work one day and found this... the back door standing open. I took the pic and sent to the hubs with a note something to the like of "Forget something??" He usually isn't incredibly quick witted but he was fast to reply "Nope, I was being nice and left it open for you"  HAHA! If you know how ADD he is, you would understand how far from the truth this really is.
And some of my favs from the interwebs.. Enjoy!

And I have officially saved the best for last. As I was digging through Chaz's school papers one evening, I found this cute little 4ish page menu. I flipped through to see a page of fruit-- watermelon, strawberries, grapes, etc, a page of entrees-- burgers, pizza, spaghetti, etc, all with appropriate 6 year-old spellings and complementary pictures. It was simply adorable. Then I flipped to the last page, Drinks-- Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Beer and Bud Liight. Yep, that happened. Then I looked across the kitchen to the breakfast table to see my boy looking at me with the biggest pride grin I have even seen.

                                          C -"Momma, did you see my menu?!?!"
                                          Me - "Sure did! It is really good"
                                          C - "Did you read it all?"
                                          Me - "Sure did!"
                                          C - "Even the last page?!? The one with the drinks.
                                                     Here, let me read it to you"

                                          *He proceeded to come over and read the last page of the menu.
                                          C - "Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Beer and Bud Light"
                                          *BIG giggles and even bigger smiles*
                                         Me (laughing hysterically) - "Yes, it is fantastic and by fantastic,      
                                                 I mean I am now a shoe in for Mom-of-the-Year!"
                                         C - "Really? Mom-of-the-Year?!? That is so cool. I think you are the best!"
                                         Me - "Just tell me your teacher didn't see this"
                                         C - "Nope, I stuffed it in my backpack just for you"
Happy randomness, y'all!!

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