Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cooper's 2nd birthday // 2013

One of our favorite little tykes turned 2 in April. We celebrated Cooper with a fun-filled party at Boingo Bounce!.
Cooper actually had to have some convincing from the hubs. He was a little overwhelmed with all the kids and LARGE blow-ups.
But once he figured out how much fun it was, he was in! You couldn't slow this kid down!
Yes, I even got in on the action. I love this place. It is fun for the kids as well as mom and dad!
Elsie was all about the slides.
Yeah, I guess you couldn't stop me either. It was a blast!
I LOVED Cooper's cake. they did a phenomenal job! Destiny told me she had to convince them to dig a hole in the cake. Love, love, love it!!!
How hard is it to get a picture with 14 kids under six? Let's just take a look..
Then it was time for the sweet little pea to blow out his candles.
with some help from Daddy.
Lovin' some party-time!
Everybody loves cake-time!!
I love the stoic nature of Cooper. He always has a look of intrigue.
Happy birthday Cooper! We love you to pieces and hope you had a great day celebrating you!!!

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