Saturday, June 29, 2013

June // 2013

June equals lots more fun in the sun and many impromptu afternoons of playing in the driveway and the driveways of others. Good times!!

Dane worked on his driving skills all Summer. I am so impressed with how well this little guy can drive. WAY better than the hubs. HA!
Brooke got a little bunny rabbit named June. She is simply precious and the kiddos LOVE her. I am a little nervous that they may squeeze her to death but they are, in fact, very gentle with her.

Little AJ. Love him!!
"Lady, I am not going to smile at you. No matter how much you jump around like a monkey, no smiling"
"for reals, move along"
TayTay will smile for me. This girl loves to get her picture taken.
They love to play in the little corner in the flower bed. They call it their lair. HA!
Yes if you come on our hill, you will see four of these.. If it is dusk, they will have flashing lights on them. SO slow down!
My cute little lawn boy.
And all the wild kiddos of the neighborhood doing what they do best, being crazy!
and cute.
and flashing angry faces at their momma
I love that I caught this moment-in-time of brothers being brothers. Classic.
Merrick jumped in at the end of the chaos. Love these kiddos!
Ummmm, I think my lawn boy lost a vital part of his mower.
My sports dude. He is actually really good. I can't wait to see how this progresses.
Anytime you see Dane, you will see Taylor. She keeps him in line.
Merrick loves the little ones. This is his hilarious way to teach them how to drive. HA!
They were on to me when I unplugged the battery so they didn't take off. Apparently they didn't like my plan of sitting still in the car.
This was one of those "Taylor, don't do that. Wait, stand still while I get a picture. Ok, now get down"
So, most of the time it just takes a few minutes for the adults to start acting like kids. This day was no exception. Jill was the first one up on the Razor car that spins out of control. It is so much fun!
Jackson is totally not phased by his momma's wreck. Awesomeness.
The boys had to get in on the fun!
I got a cute little hitchhiker.
I thought I was special but she just wanted to ride with everyone once she realized how fun it was.
Loves him!!
One last love on little June before we call it a night.
Another day, more fun in the sun.
Once we breakout the water activities they choose to wear the least amount of clothes possible.
But they have a great time so who cares!?!?!?!
Another night, another random thing.. Putting together the bunny house. We actually put the entire thing together before realizing we put it together backwards. Amazing.
But the extra effort was worth it. We love little June bug!
Baseball time. Precious!
I received this on my phone one afternoon with the note "I gave him a chocolate and turned my head for a second"  Well, that is what happens, he is a baby.
We got a call from the school one day telling us Dane had fallen and bit his tongue. We didn't think much of it as they didn't tell us it was bad and there wasn't any urgency in their voice. Around 4pm (5 hours after the first call) the school called the hubs again "Ryan, are you coming to get Dane? I really think he needs to go to the hospital for his tongue."  WHAT??!?! The hospital?? Needless to say there were several conversations with the school after this, ugh. The hubs called our friend Destiny who lives by the school to see if she could go check it out as it would be a good 45 minutes before he could get to him and I was still at work. She called him back with an it-is-pretty-gross-and-bad report.

Ryan brought him home and after a neighborhood poll (we have a few people who work in the medical field) and a call to the doc, we determined, even though it was gross and forked, there was really nothing that could be done. Rarely will the ER stitch the tongue because of the amount of bacteria in our mouths and too much time had passed for them to stitch it anyways. He wasn't acting like it was hurting him, he ate dinner fine and was still speaking normally. I accepted there was nothing that could be done and carried on with the evening.

The next morning I had major mommy guilt and made the Hubs take us to the ER. $125 copay later, no new news but I eased my mommy guilt as they told me even if we would have brought him in right after it happened, the outcome would have been the same. It would just need to heal itself. In the meantime, we would just make the lizard boy stick out his totally gross forked tongue in public.This picture really does it zero justice. It was nasty.
Buddies having a snack, drinking their juice and enjoying some TV.... in their diapers. 
Buddies enjoying their beers and planting plants. Bonding time at Aaron, Kristy and AJs house.
Yes, he is mine. Be jealous.
My sweet Meme rocking her great grand baby. They are quite fond of each other.
What? How do you get your baby to go to sleep?
I heart weekend mornings. These two melt my heart.
Every once and a while he ends up in my bed at night. I really can't complain, one day he won't want to be around me so I will just soak it up for now.
I love my Hogs too but this is just obnoxious
Sunday Funday for us means kids eat free at Jose's. My how times have changed.
And yes, I let him wear his bathing suit and swim shirt to lunch. I waved the white flag on this one.
Probably not the first gun wielding crazy on Dickson street. Check out Chaz dancing in the background.

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