Monday, September 16, 2013

Chaz's 6th birthday // 2013

My baby turned six this year.. WOW! Life really needs to slow down, just a little.

He went from this
to this.. I swear, I just blinked.. That is all I did... and now he is SIX!
This party about took me down. I have GOT to stop thinking I can pull off a party at the house. I just overdo it every time.... but in the end, he is totally worth it!

The theme.. duh. Legos. I did a ton of decorations but I also used a lot of the Legos he already had. He thought it was so cool that we were able to put out his Legos in places they wouldn't usually go (The living room cabinet, the kitchen, the kitchen table, the dining room table, etc) He absolutely loved that everyone could see the Legos he made as they walked around the house.
The kids thought it was pretty cool too!
Silly boy! I love, love, love this shirt I found on Etsy. Precious!
More decorations.
The cookie cake!
and candy table.
Chaz made the entry sign. He was super proud of this.
I came home from work one day and my WONDERFUL dad had made a full obstacle course in my backyard. I had talked about doing one but didn't have the time, or quite frankly the energy, to figure it out. Well, mention something in front of my dad and it doesn't really get swept under the rug. This many is amazing!!!

And when a portion of it got torn up right before the party, he and my Meme were on point to do any and all repairs needed. Love these two!
Each obstacle had a special name...
The kiddos were pumped when they saw it. We had them running the course as soon as they got to the party. SO fun!!
And the baby sat in the tunnel. You can never estimate what the baby will do.
After welcoming in his guests,  the birthday boy got his turn at the course.
The kiddos also decided to ride the roller coaster. This was actually a gift from my parents for his first birthday. Talk about a toy with some longevity!
AND I got them all (well, all the big ones.. the littles were not interested) to take a picture! This was the second one I took. I was amazed that they all decided to play in my reindeer games.
and they even played the silly game. I heart these kiddos.
Then it was time for the pinata. These kids were so pumped. Thank goodness someone thought to let them draw numbers rather than have them line up. There were no arguments or hurt feelings. Great idea!
Again, my dad is a genius and made a pinata holder. We couldn't figure out how or where to do this, so he figured it out for us! Love him!! Chaz is literally jumping up and down in this picture. He loved his party!!
and then it was time. All the kiddos got to give it a good whack!

And then Colby broken the bat. Yep, see that little nub in his hand? That is what is left of the bat.
We improvised with this one.
I love Michelle and Shane's faces! HAHAHA!
The hubs really did pick a terrible job. I would not want to be the one holding the rope.
After all the kiddos went, Chaz got to be the last to hit the pinata. It was already starting to fall apart so this seemed like a good solution.
Insanity... total chaos and insanity
The littles stayed out of the way as it was a little too much and I had something special planned for them.
A special pinata for the little kids!! I actually filled them with different stuff that was special for them -- then I managed to switch the two pinata so the big kids smashed the pinata intended for the littles.. OOPS! It is the thought that counts, right! Oh and notice there is yet another bat. Well, insert my amazing father, again. After the big kids took down their pinata my dad disappeared. He soon returned with a wooden stick and handed it to the hubs. Ryan looked at my dad and said "Hmmm, this looks an awful lot like my shovel handle.." to which my dad replied "Yeah, you are going to need a new shovel." That is right, he went to the garage and sawed the top of the shovel handle clean off. Way to improvise!

And then we let the birthday boy take it down.
Again, chaos. But happy, happy kids!
Next up, it was time for the real obstacle course race!
My cousins were at the end to hand out metals to each of the kids!
Once I wore them all out, I decided we would be nice enough to feed them. Pizza and a movie time!!
I love the look he is giving Lucas. HA!
Noah and Chaz were in school together when they were babies until they were 4 1/2. His momma and I actually grew up together and were the best of friends for 12ish years. It is very cool that they are friends!
Again, my dad. Yeah, he brought a hay ride. Why not!
You won't find the birthday boy in any of the pictures below because he decided to ride on the Rhino. Such the goofy kiddo! But look at all those happy faces!!
My momma. I couldn't live this life without this woman. She is heaven sent!!
Oh and that man riding on the trailer. Yeah, he is amazing too! Thank you both for all your help and hard work to make this the best birthday party yet!!!
We had all the cousins stay the night as Chaz has been begging for a sleep over forever. He was pretty pumped to wake up to donuts with his cousins! Oh and we didn't open presents the night before so that could have been a bit of the excitement as well.
His big present was a TV for his room. This was the hub's idea but we do have rules about when he can and cannot watch it. He will not be a slave to the TV
And of course there were Legos.... and Legos...and Legos...
and golf clubs! He was so excited!
Then it was time for donuts. We also didn't get to blow out his candle during the party. We did sing Happy Birthday so it was ok. And he LOVED that it went in his donut. Notice: it is the same as the candle from Miles' birthday a month or so back. He was very insistent on getting the sparkler candle.
We doubled up and did the Lego candles too. I had a little Mommy guilt about not doing them the night before.
All the cousins..(and Emma. Her parents stayed over so she got to be a part of the fun!)
Funny faces!!
Did I mention he got a few Legos? Seriously. Thank you to everyone who came to the marathon of a birthday party! We love you all and hope you had as much fun as we did!!!
We took him to lunch for his birthday (which was actually that day) Afterwards, he looked like this. I think we could say, the party wore him out!!
The next day his school was closed for an in-service so we used it to celebrate just him! Brother off to school and we were off to Chuck-E-Cheese.
Breaking it down with ChuckE. This kid was terrified of him just a few months ago!
He loves to whoop-up on his daddy in some air hockey! Love his face!!
And the ONLY reason he wanted to go to there... the Ticket Tornado thingy. You can only do it on your birthday so he was pumped. Yes, we tucked his shirt in so we could create a pocket for the tickets. Yes, I have a strategy.
Seriously. He was pumped... and had a tummy full of tickets.
Happy CHAZ day!!
 It was a crazy few days but I think he had a heck of a birthday. Yes, I let him crash in my bed. And yes, he is adorable. And yes, I love him to the moon and queens (which is what he used to tell me when he was 3. I think he was a bit confused but I still think it was one of the cutest things ever!!)

Some notes on my little man:
He weighs 45lbs
He is tall for his age.
He eats like a bird. I can pretty much name everything he eats (chicken, pancakes, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, pickles, french toast sticks, fish sticks, bread of any kind, yogurt, chili, beans and rice.. There are a few more but not many)
He loves his brother but can pester him as any big brother should
He wears size 6/7 shirts, 6 pants, 12 shoes
He loves Legos (duh)
He loves to write and draw anything and everything
He is the best counter in his class (highest number, fastest, no mistakes)
He is a bit of a teacher's pet. He usually gets a pink mark for the day which is the highest possible.
He loves school
He is learning to read and is mastering his sight words
He loves to play outside. 
He has yet to lose his first tooth but has been begging to lose one since he was four.
He uses the word "pregnant" instead of "permanent" (i.e. Pregnant markers, pregnant teeth, etc)
He has a few BFF's in the neighborhood (Hayes and Landon) 
He hasn't learned to tie his shoes (This is our fault)
He loves to sing and knows more words to songs than his dad.
He is a hoarder. Every piece of paper, bag, box, rock, stick, coin, everything..
He made me a mommy and for that I am forever grateful. 
He has a heart of gold!
I love him to the moon and queens.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG GUY! We love you so very much!!


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