Friday, August 17, 2012

Hill Family Photoshoot // 2012

 Just like the previous years 2009 and 2011 we decided to gather the fam and do Family pictures! As with the previous years, we had the WONDERFUL Philip from Novo Studios take our pictures. Not only is he fantastic but he can manage all these Hills!!  I love, love, love that EA was able to join us this year. This is ALL the Hills. Seriously, all of them. Ryan only has one Aunt, no cousins and his grandparents have passed. I have so many aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins kiddos, etc. that I am so amazed when I see ALL the Hills together. Doesn't seem possible.  It is a bunch of awesomeness, love this family!
 At the beginning we went in our little family groups. First up were Cameron, Marcy, Jackson and Campbell. 
 Then it was our turn. 

 Next were the Clawsons. 
  Then it was the North Carolina Hills. 
 EA and Jim
 EA, Jim and Rhonda.
Jim and Rhonda
 The crew, Philip told us all to yell but some people didn't get the message
 Normal picture.. or as normal as we can be!
 Silly faces.. or some silly faces. It takes a lot to get this many people on the same page
 Much better!
Love this one with all the grand kids.   Before you scroll through these, I have to let you know that poor Ben and Brandon woke up with terrible rashes on their tummies and were so unhappy. I felt so very bad for them, they really held it together so well up until this time. Either way I think the pictures turned out very good!
We had the pictures taken at the University of Arkansas Gardens. There is a pavilion with a GIANT Razorback on the ground. Philip saw prime opportunity to get a picture of the kiddos. 
 Then we decided to get a picture of the kiddos with the big hog. This was the end. It was hot, the kids weren't having it..
 and unfortunately right after this picture was taken Dane flipped out of Anna's arms and landed on his head. It was so bad that Ryan, Dane and I spent the next several hours getting x-rays of the boy's head. THAT was an experience. Trying to get a baby to sit still enough to take multiple x-rays from multiples angles....not fun. The wonderful news was that he ended up being fine. The doctor actually said the fact that he went end over end and landed on the top of his head was the best way to land. I guess if you are going to fall on your head, he did it the best!
Even with the heat, rashes and baby landing on his head.. I think the pictures turned out AMAZING. I am always so happy with everything Philip does!

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