Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friend's birthdays (JacksonJ and Miles) // 2013

I am pretty sure all of Chaz's friends were born in the Fall. We have at least two birthday parties a weekend for several months. It is fun! Here are two special boys in our lives.

First up, Miles. He is the sweetheart that lives across the street from us. He had a wonderful throw down at Fastlanes. There was cake, laser tag, go carts and all sorts of games for the kiddos!
The adults had to ride with the littles so we could fit more riders in a round (they only have 5 or so little kid cars) Chaz and Daddy got to go for a spin.
I hung with this little one. Precious!!
And sweet Hudson kept me company too!
The next party was for Jackson. He is also a sweet little neighborhood boy. We love Jackson! His momma was a GENIUS and had a party at the park. Seriously, genius. The kids got to run and play!
There was cookie cake and pizza!
The birthday boy was all smiles!!
And the kiddos loved the cookie cake.
Then it was time for for water balloons. Again, genius!
Dane and AJ had a great time on the slides. The last picture makes me laugh every time. Love all these kiddos!!

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