Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chaz's 3rd bday party

Yes, I should have done this post 3 weeks ago BUT, if you are not aware, I lost the memory card from Chaz's birthday party *tear* So, it took me weeks to get over the guilt of "bad mom." I reached out to friends and family and managed to scrounge up enough pictures for a post. I am ever so grateful to the people who took pictures. They aren't the over 100+ I had (oh mercy me!) but they captured the day and memories. I am forever thankful!!
So, now that I am past the tears let me start by saying I finally gave into a theme.. and not a Razorback back theme (easy) like his first birthday. But a "Full-fledged, go online and buy everything that matches, Buzz Lightyear threw up on the party" theme. Chaz was over the moon. He would find things as I would purchase them and a box would come in.. He would say "is this for my Birthday party on Saturday (even though it would be weeks away)" I tried to make a classy Buzz lightyear theme but you can really only do so much. I went with purple and green as my main colors. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the cupcakes, flower arrangements, balloons, decorated tables or giant paper lanterns that hung from our back porch.. But you can use your imagination.
We had pizza 1) because it is in the Toy Story movies and 2) because it was E.A.S.Y
After opening what I think was every Buzz Lightyear toy know to man and a few razorback, Manny, Mickey mouse, etc Chaz loaded everything up in his wagon so "nobody will take it." Seriously kid, nobody is going to steal your toys AT your birthday party. HA!When I asked Chaz what he wanted for his birthday he would say "A card, hat and blowers!!" "and my friends and cousins to come over" I failed on the hats but we had plenty of friends, cousins, cards and blowers. Brandon liked the blower. This picture cracks me up. These are Buzz goggles. Chaz thought they were so cool. We are going to have to do some alterations because this kid's head is a little to big for the strap. But he loves them anyway! Then it was time for candles. Please excuse the messy hair, this kid sweats like a beast!
He was so excited to be able to blow out his OWN candle. Remember we have had a few issues with this in the past. We even got a special buzz candle (of course)
I decided to go with ALL cupcakes this year. Besides the pizza this was probably my best decision. Nobody (usually my mom) was tasked with cutting cake and divvying it out to people and there were not a ton of kids anxiously awaiting cake as the cutting was taking place.. Just grab a cupcake and go! Oh, and I decided on white and chocolate icing this year.. Last year it was BLUE. What was I thinking????
Sid looking super stylish in her shades!Brandon chowing down! Fletch checking out his cupcake. I love that he came dressed for the occasion in his Buzz Lightyear shirt!
I love this look! I am not sure what it is all about but it is classic. Maybe he thought someone was going to steal his cupcake!and the cute little treat boxes. This picture is not as great as the pyramid I had on the dining room table but thank goodness I had made one for Chaz and was able to take pictures later. The contents were simply adorable. Toy Story Pez , Toy story tattoos, Toy story silly bands, Toy story stickers, dum dums, bouncy balls and if you notice the ribbon around the box is also Toy story with Buzz and Woody. I love that I was able to shop online for all this stuff. Talk about a deal!and probably my favorite part of the whole thing was the sticker on the front of the box. I ordered them from Etsy. LOVE!!We only had a few things on the party agenda--pizza, cake, presents and "the surprise"-- so for the most part the adults sat around and visited and the kids played in the backyard.
Emily in the police car.Chaz, Colt and Jackson in the rhino. This was Colt's first time to ride in the rhino and I don't think he could have had a bigger grin!
I had to step in and push them up the hill. After a few hours the rhino begins to loose power. Check out Colt's face. Still grinnin'
Kelsey and Jackson.
Addison, Katy and Turner!
It was hot outside so every once and a while I would find the kids inside playing with the train set.
Turner and Campbell hanging out in Chaz's room
Campbell found a good resting spot on Michelle's shoulder
Anna and Fletcher showing my dad how the blowers work!
And then it was time for "the surprise" Wait! Let me rewind.... a few months back Ryan and I had the conversation about how cool it would be to have a projector and a blowup screen so the kids could watch movies (and adults could watch football) in the backyard. Then a light bulb went off in my head and I was on a mission to make this happen in time for the birthday party. Izzy's mom was sweet enough to let us borrow her projector (from Illinois!) My cousin Michelle found a blowup screen at the sample store while we were in NY. I got a text from her asking if we wanted it, SOLD! Well, it wasn't quite that easy. A few days before the party my dad decided to take the screen out just to "make sure" everything was there and working. NOPE.. it didn't have a SCREEN! Seriously? Of all parts to be missing. Well, needless to say that went back to the store. Now I was stuck without something to project the movie on.. I thought about hanging a white sheet on the fence and calling it a day. But my sweet dad called and said "Do you want me to build you a screen??" I didn't really know what to say as this was a lot of work but before I could answer I think my dad was already at Lowe's buying the material for the screen. Saturday morning this was in my yard. GO DAD! I was so excited. We had Toy Story 3 (don't ask how as it is still in theaters) a projector and a screen all ready for an evening movie in the backyard.
When the sun began to go down we quickly put the kiddos in their PJs and put blankets out on the ground. We had cool Toy story popcorn tubs for all the kids. They were all SO excited. It was a very proud mommy moment!

The sun was quickly out of sight by the time the movie started. I purchased LED lights that you can put in balloons to make them glow. We put them in purple and green balloons and lined the edges of the "movie theater" It was a pretty cool effect!
I think all my efforts paid off and Chaz had a wonderful 3rd birthday, I still can't believe he is 3!! Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for the party and we missed those of you who couldn't make it!!!

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