Monday, September 21, 2009

Party! Party! It's my birthday party! I'm 2!!!

That is right, he is 2! Can you believe it? I know I can't it seems like it flew by SO fast!!

So for his birthday we decided to have some family and friends over to our new house. (I didn't invite the daycare kids this year as I still think it would be a little much, maybe next year) We had sandwiches & dips, a giant blowup rock climber and we brought all the riding toys, sand box, bats and balls and the roller coaster outside. We had to do a little non raindance in the morning....and it worked! No rain all day! (note: the chances were basically 100% with 150% during the party time)

This is the invite.. can I just say I am pretty proud of myself. Supercute and not a posed picture..

I also decided that again this year I would make his Tshirt (I will probably do this every year as it is pretty easy and i can toss them in the trash if they get too dirty from cake)

I ripped the front off the Internet.. and made the back off a cool word website.. you probably cannot tell from this picture but it is a list of all his friends and family..

This was his cake (Bless you Teddy for pulling this one off!!) I told Teddy less than a week in advance that I forgot about the cake. Yep, Mom of the Year right here folks! I knew Teddy would be the one to help me but i really should have given him a little more time. All i told him was make it cute and match the invite.. Viola! A SUPERcute cake with "chazman" cookies on sticks (HIT of the party!)

If you haven't figure it out by my previous posts Chaz LOVES other peoples shoes.....especially Anna's (don't read anything into this)

Sweet bay Sidney came for the festivities.... can this girl give a look or what!?!

Sid and Ben playing in the new sandbox we got Chaz for his birthday. It is great because they stand up to play which means no sand in the pants... however we discovered with multiple toddlers they end up getting sand in their hair..

Gramma C and Sid playing in the box..

Jaclynn and Jason hanging in the yard with Sid.. What a beautiful day it was!

If you have been around this family for any length of time you know that when you come to visit us we put you to work.. well around here we start them young... Jackson mowing..

Chaz mowing..

and Ben mowing.. now if we can only get them to do this with the real one when they are teenagers :)

The bouncer was a BIG hit (thanks to the Boecker's for finding it for us) Anyways, it had a cool "rock" wall-like middle section with space all around for the kids to run and bouncer.. MAJOR hit!

Chaz climbing the monster!

and his father trying to climb out of the monster! Jackson, buddy I think you have mixed a few sports together..

The coaster was hit too.. jackson thought it was necessary to send all "unauthorized" toys down the slide. HA!

When the coaster was in full force we sent the kids all the way down the hill. Since we had never done this before I set an immediate "rule" that someone had to be at the bottom of the hill to catch the kids. We made it through the entire day (and a TON of kids) without incident!

Seriously look at the joy on this kid's face. "Man it is good to be 2"

For some reason Ryan thought it was a great idea to carry the cart -- with the kiddo in tow -- up the hill.

Again here is Jackson using the coaster in an "unconventional" way. Oh well at least he is having fun!
This is our friend Logan. What a silly boy!
Another hit with the kids was a tee pee that my Aunt brought for Chaz. It was Alexis and Kelsey's when they were little. I am going to get Razorback fabric and cover the Winnie the Pooh material (seen above) Viola! New toy! This is Anna sticking her head through the look-out hole.

So for anyone who has a toddler you will understand that keeping the attention when opening presents is a challenge.. He lasted for about 3 of them.. then he was off to play with the gifts he received.. Luckily I had Kelsey and Anna to help me open the balance of the presents.

Uncle Iz, Aunt Sally and Fletcher got Chaz this really cool dinosaur that you can sit on and ride. Chaz loved it! (although you can't really tell by the look on his face :)

The Schwartzmans got Chaz a gift card for the big swing set we are getting him this fall.. what does chaz do... Stand and jump on the box. It was one of his favorite gifts.. the box that is!

and another box he decided to stand on.. Did i mention I lost him at the third gift? Oh the attention span of a two year old! The shirt really does say it all!

Mah and Dah got Chaz money for his swing set. He was so excited! "My moneys!" He wanted to put all the loose change (Mah knew he would love this) in his pockets!

Aunt Katy and Uncle AdFish got him a Jack n the box. What a hit! He plays with this thing every day. I think this was the third present :) We found him behind the bouncer trying to stuff the monkey back in the box..
Fletcher found the goods..

Chaz blowing out his candle. Look at the look on Ryan's face. I am not sure if he is worried about Chaz burning himself or dropping the cupcake. He was so timid about digging into this cupcake. Maybe it was the blue icing but I really thought he would just rip into it. He did enjoy the cupcake but he didn't make a huge mess. Oh, he makes his (OCD) mommy so pround! Oh and yes that is a Chicago Cubs tattoo on his arm. Tattoos are his favorite thing in the world right now "my tat" "my tat"

Meme trying to get chaz to "dig in"

Mr blue face Chaz
Mr REALLY blue face Ben.
and an even bigger hit... the "Chazman" cookie letters!

Fletcher enjoying his blue cupcake. (I think it is my OCD that keeps mentioning "blue"

This is our cute little nextdoor neighbor Landon.. with his blue face!
Jackson and Chaz relishing in the land of cookies!
This is Chaz's present from Gma and Papa -- no not the truck.. It is a sweet motorized ride on toy. Mom said the looks of this thing coming down the road were priceless.

This is Chaz running to get in the car when he saw it. I swear his feet could nto move fast enough. I really wish I would have had the video camera in hand. It was classic.

And of course who else would be the first to ride with chaz? Fletcher! They are actually really good at sharing when it comes to cars

Our neighbors got Chaz a Black and Decker kids weedeater. He loves it and actually enjoys wearing the goggles. Isn't he cute? Apparently the living room had some weeds.


  1. Happy Birthday Chaz! Wish we could have been there. Looks like a blast. God love Teddy and the blue icing :) And I love the Wordle - very cool.

  2. I am always excited to see the pictures and even eager to attend kids birthday parties. Went for my friend's daughter birthday last month. Her choice of booking one of the alluring San Francisco venues was great. Baby doll looked gorgeous in her pink fluffy dress. Cartoon theme cake was amazing.