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Chaz's 5th birthday // September 2012

I can start this just as I do every year... I can't believe he is 5!!! Really?? How in creation did this happen??? I will let you know a little more about him in the end but first let me tell you what we did for his birthday.
We started out with streamers and balloons. I LOVE birthdays and try my best to make them "perfect" without being ridiculous. As long as it is all about them, it is perfect. This little tradition makes him so very happy and he tells us it is special day before he even makes it out of his room.
Yes, there were a few little other decorations around the house. The banner that has been around for well over 8 years.. Yes, I am more about tradition and memories, not a bunch of pretty new things.
The plate he made on his first birthday. I am sick that the pottery place we loved shut down a few years back... Dane will not be able to have one for himself. It is my mission to find a new place!!
The crown they gave him at school. He was infatuated with this thing. Adorable!
Chaz's birthday was on a Saturday and a Razorback home game. So, as you probably predicted from that statement, his party was not on his actual birthday but the day after. We decided to head to my parents house to watch the game and enjoy a mini birthday for our little guy. He was pumped.
A few things to point out in this picture.. 1) this birthday crown had been around for over 14 years. I don't know how in creation it has survived but if you look back over our family birthday parties, you will see this beauty. 2) please notice the hubs in the background. Yes, he is checking the baby bottom for a surprise. Seriously hubs??
Baby boy was all about getting in the mix with his big brother!
He was pumped about his remote control car, but you can't tell from the look on his face.
The next day it was time for the birthday party! We decided to do it at the Boys and Girls Club pool. What a great time! Chaz picked the location and we were all for it!
I did a little bit of Etsy and Pinterest to get ready.
  Adorable water bottles!
Candy bars and baby snacks
Swim time!! Our sweet buddy Kale came to the party. He was one of the few kiddos that didn't transfer to the new school. We miss him terribly, Chaz and Kale have been together since the three month mark, and were so very happy to see him!!
Addison, his girlfriend from a very young age. Love, love, love her.. she is another who didn't transfer, so every time we see her, I just eat her up!! Baby brother loves her too!!
Layla.... Chaz's new girlfriend
Daddy and baby boy.
The water was a little cold. Can you tell??
Did I mention that the Boys and Girls Club has a giant slide? It has been seen in a few other birthday posts but I have to say, it is awesome. And yes, the hubs took the baby down the slide..
A little shocked but ok..
Izzy and Fletcher
As I was taking the above pictures, I looked over to see this. "Ummmmmm Momma, I'm cold. I want to get out and dressed"  I granted his request and got him dry and fully dressed (shoes and all)
Cooper enjoyed the water but also agreed it was a bit cold.
The floor was a little wet from all the bigger kids, so the little guy was getting assistance getting from here to there.
See, told you, fully clothed. Yet hanging on the wet shower pole outside the pool
He wanted to eat the cake SOOOOO much. He was not happy when I kept telling him he had to wait because all the other kiddos were still swimming
Turner didn't get all the way but enjoyed the fountains in the shallow end. This pool has a beach entrance which makes it very safe and accessible for the little ones.
Thanks for dressing up Uncle Mike Mike. HA!
I think this is hilarious. Campbell still had on her floaties when she wrapped her towel around herself. It looked like she had some killer muscles.
Still playing in the shower.. Oh wait, what is that?? Yep, I had to changing him BACK into his swimsuit so he could play in the shower. It was his birthday, otherwise this back and forth wouldn't happen... he did it one more time-- three total times. Ugh!! Do you know how hard it is to get jeans on a wet kid??

My father in-law joining in on the fun. He would push the sprayer and the kids would run back and forth. Hilarious!
I think Austin was getting cold.. Just a hunch!
At least I got a smile out of him!
I think Sidney was ready for cake.
Did someone say cake????
The cake. Oh this cake could tell you some stories but instead, I will. I was trying to be a good mom and have Chaz involved in a majority of the decision making. He picked the theme of Avengers. He picked the design of the candy, bottle and snack wrappers..... and I let him pick the cake. Although it was adorable, it was a mess. For a couple of reasons.....1)  it was made of cupcakes, but to keep said cupcakes together took A LOT of icing. Therefore, when I gave the cupcakes to the kids they had about an inch and a half of icing on each cupcake. It was messy to say the least. 2) The rings.. OH the rings!!  You see, the rings on the cake below.. Yes, those are the ONLY reason this boy wanted this cake. He made me promise that he got these four rings. Of course, I agreed. It was his birthday. I also purchased additional cupcakes with rings, in case we didn't have enough cupcakes for all the kids. What I didn't bet on was almost ALL the kiddos showing up and ALL of them wanting a ring. ALL of his friends, ALL the fam, the majority of his class.. but alas, not enough rings for ALL the kiddos. Massive meltdowns and BIG momma fail. Next year, 100% cupcakes (no stupid cake) and every frigging one will have a damn ring.!
 After the chaos and meltdowns galore it was time to leave. It seemed like it was over before it even began. I did take a few moments during the party to step back and just soak it all in. The abundance of friends and family who love and adore this little guy is amazing. He is blessed and loved for sure!!
Cooper was over it. Done.
Chaz was on cloud nine when he was leaving his party. He was so excited that all his friends and family came out to play and really excited that he was able to bring balloons home. I know, the little things, right??
When we got home I let Chaz open all his gifts. We only had 2 hours at the Boys and Girls Club, so I wanted to maximize the playing time instead of having people watch him open his gifts.. I highly recommend this BTW!! The aftermath...
Thank you to all our friends and family who took time out of your Sunday (and many other days throughout the year) to show our little guy how much he is loved. He had an amazing birthday and we are so blessed to have each and everyone of you in our lives!!!

Last but not least.. a little bit about our guy.

  • He is amazing, simply amazing
  • He weights 40lbs and is 42" tall
  • He loves Legos and works on sets that are 8+ years old with little to no struggles
  • He is an awesome older brother to Dane ---but loves to mess with him. Example: Sticking his foot out to "accidentally" trip him, just "happens" to bump into him, wraps in in bear hugs just to tick him off..
  • He knows his manners and 99% of the time says please and thank you!
  • He is still an awesome artist
  • He loves to write and draw
  • He can make a mean paper airplane
  • He likes to explain things the way a teacher would.  Example: show and tell was not bringing a toy but rather showing his entire class the step by step instructions to making a paper airplane. His teacher was VERY impressed
  • His favorite show is Arthur. Really, Arthur? Yep.
  • He is very good at playing alone. 
  • He is a terrible eater and will often skip meals. This drives me batty but the doc says he is fine. The majority of his diet consists of chicken bites, strawberries, grapes, pickles, pizza, yogurt, chili, bacon, bread and pancakes.
  • His favorite drink is pink lemonade
  • He has an amazing memory and will often bring up things he saw or did several years ago. 
  • He loves going to the dentist and has been in the zero cavity club every time
  • He still has a few baby words -- fermember (remember) Mo (milk) Threetoes (Fritos) 
  • He is very impatient.. if someone is taking longer than he would like he will say "it is taking like an hour!!!!!!!!!!" 
  • Everything is "last night" when he is telling a story. It could have happened three years ago but his story will always start "Fremember last night when......."
  • He also refers to things by the age he thinks he was at the time (most being within the 4 year range) "Fermember when I was four and we......."
  • He can ride a bike without training wheels
  • He does a mean cartwheel
  • His favorite songs are "Call me Maybe" and "Single Ladies" He loves to sing along and does a great job
  • He is beast to get to bed but once he is asleep, he is out like a light!
  • He goes to bed around 9 (on a night with little to no trouble) and wakes up around 7-7:30
  • His best friends from school are Nigel, Derrion and Lucas.
  • His favorite color is "darker blue"
  • His favorite movie is Cars
  • His favorite person is Dane (according to him when I asked this question) 

As you can tell he is a pretty phenomenal little guy. He has the kindest heart and loves people from the bottom of it. He is full of life and laughter. I am so blessed to be his momma. He makes our world go round.

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