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May // 2013

May equals the start of Summer around here. We LOVE our neighborhood and we LOVE our neighbors! This was last year.. you can say we have stepped it up a bit since then. Brooke went to the store for a slip-n-slide and came home with this. This is in my front yard. HA!
Sweet Taylor!
They told me it was a little cold but they were still all smiles!
The full visual of my front yard. Hilarious!
Cooper even traveled across town for the festivities.....and bubbles.
Wrigley decided to make his seat in Louise's front yard. You know, the ONE yard we shouldn't be in because it is amazing!
With this many kids around, you have to stake your claim when you see an open toy. Good job, Cooper!
More kiddos, more chaos.
Then this happened. Brooke decided to bring a watermelon and cut it in my driveway... yes Mrs. OCD's driveway was ridiculously sticky for a month.
 Well at least the kids enjoyed it! HA!
Crazy kids!
Guess who else showed up? The ice cream man! These kiddos were on cloud nine!
This was the Saturday before Mother's day so I decided to do something special for my friend Brooke. It isn't like the kids can take off to the mall and get her something. I saw this craft on Pinterest and thought it was perfect! I took each kid, like a ninja, into the house and painted their feet. I then placed them on a blank canvas in the shapes of a butterflies.
I love how it turned out!
Back to the crazy chaos. Yes, Dane is learning to drive. Such an absolutely fun day!!!
 These were my flowers from my sweet boys. They also got me an awesome table for my entryway.
Summer also means the beginning of lots of trips to my parent's house. Fun times! Bros.
GaGa reading to the baby. He loves to read!
Chaz and PaPa in the workshop. Chaz is amazing at running these tools. The saws, the drill press, etc. He LOVES being in the workshop with PaPa.
Sometimes they are sweet to each other!
Chaz was trying to make Dane smile.
and this is Dane's forced smile. Love these boy!!
We had another baby!! Well, we didn't.. but the Hill family did! Marcy and Cameron welcomed baby Davis Cameron Hill on May 1st. Love him!!
Random muscle picture.
This is the best part of my job. I get to rock this little sweetness to bed every night. I said I wouldn't rock my second but I really don't care. I love these moments and wouldn't change it for the world.
Am I confused? Did I get so far behind in my blogging that this picture is actually a December picture? NOPE. It snowed in MAY! What the crap?!?!?
And as always, people are too stupid to drive in any type of weather. Please take note there is ZERO snow on the ground. Yep, it all melted off the road by 7:45 but this still happens. Wow.
Sweet big brother tried to steal my job one evening. I couldn't really deny it, he was totally adorable.
One of my favorite new things... This is what happens when you tell Dane to smile. Probably not his model pose but still cute nonetheless.
Yep, baby in a drawer with a train piece in his mouth. What? This isn't a normal Saturday morning at your house?
They are a little alike..just a little.
We were hanging out at my parents house one weekend when my dad had a brilliant idea. You see, they have a table that has two laptops facing each other. Daddy was playing on one while Dane was hanging out in his lap. He decided to call the other on Skype and have the Hubs answer. Remember, I said the computers face each other. Hilarious!
Chaz challenged the Hubs to a puzzle face off. Chaz smoked him.. and shined in all his glory.
 This is one way to teach your daughter to drive. HA!!
 Two seater.
 I have no idea why he is holding the beer.. I just know he didn't drink it.
 Tractor rides.
 Such the big brother, not sure what is going on with the shoes.
Fun day at the park. We love to drive around and find new fun parks. This one was on the way to Gaga and Papa's house. The kiddos has so much fun!
 and found lots of caterpillars. 
I looked at the window one afternoon and saw this. I kept folding laundry and looked out again, he was still in the same position. I walked outside and was met with the explanation that he was cold and the concrete was warm. This boy is hilarious!
 A boy and his army men.
 LOTS of army men.
 Brush teeth and drink a bottle. HA!
 He got to pick his own clothes. Why wouldn't you want to wear last year's soccer outfit and cleats to school.
 This is what happens when you spend an afternoon at the neighbor's house... with the girls.
 Our headless dog.. or maybe he is just a weird sleeper.. One or the other. 
 So, we had a few tornado scares this spring. We all gather in the closet under the stairs. It is a cozy good time.
 Yes, that is a bite mark on my baby's face.
 Found this in the guest bedroom one afternoon.
We attended the wedding of the wonderful Courtney and Lance Perrin. I knew her momma before Court was born. Yes, I am that old. I actually bought her first baby doll. We love this family and had a great time at this wedding!!
And now it is time for the funnies.
and the sweet stuff..
This is the southern portion of a map Chaz drew. Pretty impressive. Arkansas is the green one, if you need a little grounding  in trying to figure it out.
 And his Angry Birds.
 I came across some pretty funny things while getting dog treats for our sweet Wrigley.

Yes, pet nail polish
 I assume the people who purchase doggy nail polish would also be the same ones who buy these..
I remember coming out of a meeting to someone telling me there were multiple tornadoes in OKC and one had hit a school. My heart sank. My one and only brother lives in OKC and is a school teacher. I tried to call him several times, texted a few times and then took a moment to breathe and pray. Then my phone rang. It was my brother. He was ok, it wasn't his school. Thank you Lord. You answered my prayer.  I continued to pray for the rest of the people in OKC. Such a scary, tragic and sad day.

Happy May! This was not made but what was waiting underneath my beer bottle one evening when I picked it up. Happy day!

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