Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our crazy neighborhood // 2013

When you have crazy neighbors and one says "Hey, I'm thinking about painting my dining room table but I need to distress it first.." This happens.

We all went out for dinner, which is where this convo happened. After we left, we went home, changed into our "distressing gear" grabbed the goggles and BB guns and headed back to Brooke's house. Jill was in full gear.
Yes, this is happening Brooke's front yard.
I really couldn't make this up if I tried.
My turn, with a hammer.
Then something happened... We were almost done, Brooke went inside for another glass of wine and Jill and I had a great idea.... throw the hammer at the table for a "good mark."  Well, it left a GOOD mark. A GOOD mark as in the hammer turned directions and the claw part was what connected with the table. OOPS, sorry Brooke!
We though this was hilarious.. and tried to blame it on the dog.
Kristy showed up a little later and decided she needed a turn.
I love these girls. I love my neighborhood!!

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