Sunday, July 28, 2013

AJ's birthday and more neighborhood shenagans // 7.2013

We had a wonderful afternoon to celebrate this little cutie's 2nd birthday! AJ is one of Dane's BFFs and we are so happy to have him as a neighbor!
AJ's momma, Kristy, called everyone and just told us to bring the kiddos in swim gear. Little did we know what she had up her sleeve. Shaving cream party! SOOOOOOO much fun!!

Hilariously messy!
The kids had almost every inch of their bodies covered in shaving cream!
Aaron's yard was a little messy as well. This doesn't work well with his OCD personality. HAHA!

Once we cleaned them all off, it was time for popsicles!
One the OCD shakes set in with Aaron we decided to take everyone to our house and have some more outside fun.
 GIANT slip and slide time! Roll it out kiddo.
 A little soap, water hose and visqueen make for a good old time
 Even the adults got in on the fun!
 One of my favorite pictures of the entire summer. HAHAHA!!
 Wipeout #1
 And you see that mark on the fence? Yeah, that is Aaron's body print. His elbow actually went through our fence.  Later on Justin's foot went through the fence. Dangerous work having fun!
Yes, I did get in on the fun. There just aren't any pictures. What a fun day! Celebrating a sweet little buddy and having a crazy time on the biggest slip and slide ever!!. We love our neighbors!!

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