Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Giveaway (finally!!!)

So by now, you have seen plenty of the posts with the monthly stickers. One, Two, Three, Four, and Five (working on six)  These things ROCK! I really wish I had them with Chaz. I took his picture every month but had to rely on my picture tagging abilities to ensure they were properly cataloged. Who knew that these things existed?!?!? (BIG thanks to my SIL Marcy!!, I am enlightened)  They come four stickers to a sheet. One sticker per month. All you have to do is slap them on a onesie and snap, snap, snap the pics!!! If you are not expecting these are great gifts!! They don't have to be for you in order to win the giveway

If they are for you, I do think there are some key things to taking monthly pictures (if you want my advice.. and if you are reading this, you do!) 1) Same place, same white onesie. Every month. Otherwise it is just a plethora of places and outfits. No bueno. Let's focus on the kiddo 2) Put in a stuffed animal or something of the like. This gives perspective as to how the kiddo is growing 3) HAVE FUN! Who the heck cares if he/she is drooling, falls over or is nibbling on his/her toes. That is your baby, at that time. 4) Toss in the older siblings. Just for a couple of snaps. Perfect!!!

Here is one "in action"
These are the two I am giving away.. one girl, one boy
And he thinks this is "totally cool!!!"
All you have to do in order to be eligible is comment on this post.

Remember to leave your contact info so I can get a hold of you if you win (Don't offer me big bucks, no free babysitting--this is all legit people!!)  I love to hear from you so tell me something you like, tell me something you love, tell me something you hate, tell me you just wanna win free stuff!!

For reference there are other ways to keep in touch (Although your comments are always welcome)
  • Become a follower.. it is easy. Just click the icons at the bottom. 
  • Find me and like me on Facebook. Just search it. A Hill of a Good Time (you will notice the profile pic is the same and my top picture) Even if you don't have a need for this product I would still LOVE you to LIKE me :) You never know what is coming!!
I will announce the winners soon!

OH, and if you don't win or want some more of this WONDERFUL product.. go here. This is a fantastic baby shower gift, gift for a fam with two kids (Sibling shirts) etc. Lori is great and FAST!! She also does a ton of other things-- shirts, onesies, stickers. etc. Enjoy!!