Friday, January 13, 2012

Dane // 3 months // January 2012

I still can't believe this is possible. Is he really 3 months???  The time has simply flown by but I have loved every minute. Well, maybe not every minute but the majority of them. He is a great baby! He wakes up smiling, which is hilarious if you know this non-morning-loving family. He is currently still in his co-sleeper in our room but we hope to move him to his crib soon. I have been waiting for him to only wake up once (or sleep solid through the night) and then we will move him. I just don't have the energy it takes to go the 90+ steps from our bedroom to his (yes, Ryan measured) in the middle of the night. It doesn't sound like much but try it.. it is a lot! He currently sleeps in 5 hour increments during the night so it isn't that bad.
He weights   roughly 13lbs. and is approximately 23 inches long (both of these are rough as they were measured by yours truly, not a doctor. He is in 3-6 month clothes, which are still a little loose on him. He hates hats (as did his brother) but once you get them on his head he settles. He doesn't like the initial moments of being put in his car seat but again, he is quick to settle. He has a giggle and a smile that could melt your heart and the most precious eyes ever. Which are currently still blue!
He has found his hands and loves to suck on them. I am pretty sure he can get his entire fist in his mouth if he just works at it. He is still on breast milk and eats 7-8 times a day. I say he likes me the best but we all know that is only because I am a food source. He loves, loves, loves the star that came with his playmat (or technically his brother's playmat. Chaz loved this thing too! We take it every wear)  He is trying to roll over but has a ways to go. He is slowly getting over despising a wet diaper. He will at least give you two minutes before he voices his opinion. He is currently in the stage of blowing bubbles, which I love. He has gas, a lot. Which makes him (and the rest of the crew giggle) It isn't bad if it is a baby people!!! 
He has some cradle cap on his head that we are treating. Sometimes it is better than others. He doesn't mind taking baths at all. He likes to splash and play and will even let me wash his hair without a fuss. He loves his Daddy and his brother and they can make him giggle and laugh like no other. He knows the sound of our voices and GaGa's voice. If he gets fussy at GaGa and PaPa's, we just put him on PaPa's chest and he listens to his heartbeat and humming (or snoring as Chaz says) He absolutely HATES to be cold--which is hilarious as Chaz is almost always hot.
As you have probably noticed I always sit him in the same spot for these monthly pictures and add in the sock monkey so you have something to compare him against. Chaz wasn't home for these pictures so there will not be an older brother sighting at the end of this post as there was with the last two - - One month and two months.  Sorry!! Speaking of his brother... Chaz is still 100% about Dane. He always wants to know where he is and what he is doing. The first thing he does when he gets home from school is find Dane and give him a kiss on the head. His common phrase is "Oh, he is SO cute!" He also tries to help us diagnose the problem... a la "He pooped. He is hungry. He wants his star. He wants his brother."  He is super gentle and often asks to hold Dane. I love watching these two grow and interact -- so much more of that to come.
Oh and he cannot sit up unattended. Just FYI.
I love this shot. It looks like they are snuggling and sleeping. But -- SPOILER ALERT -- it is in fact just a blink...
He did wrap his arm around the monkey all by himself. So precious!!
I love this little man more and more each day, which I wasn't sure was even possible. I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Happy 3 month little man! We love you very, very much!!

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