Friday, March 30, 2012

Dane // 5 months // March 2012

I really hope you have enjoyed watching my little guy grow as much as I have! I just wish I could slow it down, just a little. Everyday is a new day with some new experience. He is eating like a crazy man, growing so fast, laughing all.the.time, loving his feet and thinks his brother is simply hilarious!
He loves his brother. Every morning they get into bed with us and Dane immediately smiles, coos and reaches for his brother. He LOVES him. Chaz can calm Dane down, make him giggle and get him to smile that big gummy grin like nobody else! The best part is when he runs and jumps in front of him and says "FREEZE" I don't know what is so funny about it but Dane thinks it is a riot! Chaz likes to kiss and hug on Dane. Sometimes he hugs just a little too tight but Dane doesn't even flinch, He just grins. I really couldn't be happier (and more blessed) that I have two boys! I love that they are so happy and just smitten with each other. Although we didn't really plan it this way, I love that they are four years apart. It works.
These two make me LOL. I mean seriously. Could this little one be anymore mild mannered? He just lets Chaz do whatever he wants. And Chaz is always good for a laugh. Freakin' hilarious.
And the forced smile... which we have grown to love. Poor baby..
This little guy is simply amazing. He is moving like crazy. Unless he is sleeping he is in constant motion. He loves to kick his legs and suck on his feet. He has the bluest eyes.!  He yells with excitement and has the best belly laugh!
He can't quite sit up but is really, really close! Not that it looks like it in this picture.
He loves bath time.  Likes riding in a car (unlike his brother (aka psycho screamer) at this age) He doesn't have any teeth yet but is crewing on his hands and drooling so I think they are right around the corner! He will chew on anything that is in the vicinity of his mouth. His hands down favorite is his giraffe (Thanks, Aunt Sally!!).He has actually worn a few of the dots off of the giraffe.

He doesn't sleep through the night every night but we have had some good stretches... 3 days here, 1 day there. I'll take it! Even if he wakes up it is usually around 330am and he is only up for 15-20 minutes so it really isn't that bad. He goes to bed around 715 and wakes around 630.  Really most nights, I could care less if he wakes up. I mean, look at him!!
I can't believe it has been 5 months (or 5 1/2 by the time I write this!! Agh) since this sweet little guy came into our lives. I won't lie and tell you that each and every day has been bliss but the majority have been pretty darn good. I remember worrying that I didn't have enough love in my heart for another and now I just think that was so silly! I have more love for these two boys than I could ever have dreamed! I hope they know how much we love them. I hope they know we are so blessed to have these two little boys in our lives. I hope they know we prayed for them (and some days pray for patience with them) I hope they know we laugh, we cry and we love more than I ever thought possible.

Happy 5 months little one! I can't wait to see what the next one brings!

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