Friday, February 17, 2012

Dane // 4 months // February 2012

Wow! Four months. I can't believe it! Everyday is a new experience. Dane is simply a joy to be around. I may jinx myself but this kiddo is amazing. He barely ever cries and if he does it is for a very short time. He smiles constantly. He weighs 12lbs 9oz and sleeps in his crib. He usually wakes up once a night, around 330. However, there are a few nights here and there that he is up multiple times. Those are hard on momma but he is only up 15 minutes or so to nurse and then he is out like a light.
He smiles in his sleep (I told you he was a happy baby) and is now "talking"  He coos and ahhs like a crazy kid. Chaz is sweet enough to translate. "He said 'Happy Birthday Momma'" "He said 'Chaz needs a new Power Ranger'"  Yeah, sure glad we have the older brother to translate.  His eyes are still blue. He is in 3-6 month clothes. He still has a bit of cradle cap but we are managing it. He loves for me to take his socks off and rub/tickle his feet.
On his four month check up we discovered that not only was he still suffering from bronchiolitis (Diagnosed a few weeks earlier) he had two ear infections. Obviously these were caused by the bronchiolitis. Poor little guy was put on amoxicillion. We had already started rice cereal a few weeks earlier but we got the ok to start veggies and fruit. I can't wait to see how this little guy's taste buds react to all the different flavors.
He still can't sit up.. obviously
He is about as big as his monkey. Dr Swindle says he is 10% percentile in height and weight. His brother was the same so I have no doubt he will grow into his own.
He always finds his monkey when we do these "shoots" He manages to gnaw on him. He loves to chew on his fingers, fist and everything else that gets close to his mouth. The doctor thinks he may be teething.
This little boy toots louder than a grown man... and usually giggles after wards. Which is quite hilarious!!
and he is back. The best friend of this little guy. Chaz ADORES his little brother.  Unfortunately, his new thing is to kiss and hug on Dane when he is asleep. It drives me bonkers. He always wakes him up and I am pretty sure he does it on purpose. I will break him of this terrible habit if it kills me.
Did I mention he ADORES his little brother?!?!
I love him. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!
and his cute little feet.
God bless this little guy that we affectionately call Dane-O. No, I didn't intend for him to pick-up this nickname but we just can't help it. It just rolls off the tongue. He is suck a blessing and as cliche as it may sound, I can't imagine life without him. Thank you God for answering my prayers!!

BTW If you want to win some of there cute little "month to month" stickers, stay tuned! I will be having a contest soon and I have a boy and a girl set of these lovely little gifts!

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