Friday, April 13, 2012

Dane // 6 months // April 2012

I really can't believe this little guy is six months old. Really, it seems like a very short time ago that I was welcoming him into this world. He is honestly the best baby around. About 99% of the time he has a grin on his face and is in the best mood. He is trying to get into the crawling position but just hasn't quite mastered it yet. He tends to get a bit of a rug burn on the ol' forehead.

He weights in at 14lbs, under the "national average" of 17lbs. But according to the doc as long as he has doubled his birth weight, he is doing just fine. A few weeks ago we moved him into six month clothing. Some are big, some are tight. I swear, these clothing manufacturers are wacko! Nothing ever seems to be on the same scale. It is usually trial and error.

He has started sleeping consistently through the night. I will say, there are some nights that he still wakes up but I think we are averaging 5 solid nights in a row. Which makes me very happy!  He goes to bed around 7pm and wakes between 630-7am.

He is happy the majority of the time. He is always giggling and very good about just "chilling."  He loves to play with his feet and is constantly eating his hands. He and his brother have a silly game where Chaz yells "Freeze. Freeze. Freeze!!" and Dane just rolls with laughter. I usually end up laughing right along with them.

This time his brother decided to help me set up my little photo op area. He really is the best big brother ever!
He stills tries to make Dane smile like this.. if he would just leave him be, the boy would smile on his own.

If you haven't already, go ahead and shine my "Mom of the Year" trophy because you will notice in the picture below, the little guy's eyes are a little red. Well, I found out the next day that the boy had pink eye. Yep, bring on the trophy. Ugh.
When I found out I was having another boy, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I was so excited to have another boy. I couldn't wait to see how Chaz would be as a big brother. I knew he would be a great big brother but I didn't expect him to love this little guy this much. He adores Dane. I am so blessed to have two wonderful little boys who I love dearly. I am also so blessed that they love each other so much.
"and look. Look what I can do!! Remember all the past posts of me falling on my face?? Mommy thought they were cute and would post them with the little blurb of 'Well, he still can't sit up'  Well you know what?? I can. Yep, I am a sitter. BooYah!!! (BTW. Please do not scold my momma for my red eyes. I did have pink eye but nobody knew it. I had just woken up so that is why they look really bad in these pictures. AND they did not look this bad in person. I know I can't see my eyes but they really didn't look as bad as they do below)"

Chaz really wanted me to take a picture with the monkey on the top of the chair. He refused to move or move the monkey until I did. Have I mentioned I love the age four??
and then he had to dance with the monkey.. And he is super cute when he dances with the monkey..

So, he has made it to six months, half a year!! I knew this sweet pea would bring joy to my life but I don't think I really knew how much joy. Who knew when I posted this that almost a year later I would have such a wonderful life. My little guy is such a wonderful baby and my bigger guy is much a wonderful big brother and their daddy is such a wonderful daddy and cup runneth over. I couldn't imagine my life any differently. It is perfect!!

Happy six months little man! You fill my heart and make me so happy. We are blessed. You are amazing!!

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