Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our wish came true....

I guess I am ready. I guess all possible jinx is gone. I guess I will just say it. We are having another baby!! If you didn't know this you may just live under a rock. I have told almost everyone I know, made several references on Facebook, etc. But I haven't been ready to put it on here until now. Obviously, because of this.

But now, now I am ready. Ready to let all the worry of going back to that sad place go. It has been a long, long road but I have to keep moving. I have to be healthy. I have to be happy.

I am happy. I am over the moon that come October 2011 we will have another little bambino in the Hill household. If this little person is half as cool as his/her older brother we will be golden. We have been so blessed with Chaz. He is a wonderful, smart, happy, healthy, HILARIOUS and loving little boy. That is all I want. Another happy, healthy baby.

We are about to start the beginning of my 19th week. I am starting to show--some days more than others. I am FINALLY not puking every five seconds. I am moody as sin and can't sleep so I think things are going great :) HA!

This is the little pie when it was 8 weeks along. Yes, it has taken me 11 weeks to gain courage to know I won't jinx this pregnancy. I am in a safe zone and we pray all will go as planned. I cried and I prayed... A LOT! I believe that God will not give you more than you can handle.. but I was tested. And I made it. I survived. I may still be sad, a little more emotional than normal and probably A LOT more on edge than I was during Chaz's pregnancy. But that is ok. I am trying and that is really all I can do.

I can feel the baby kick which is so reassuring. and as many moms will tell you.. it makes it more "real." Although the little bugger likes to kick when I am trying to sleep. It is ok. It is worth it. We find out next week if this little person will be a boy or a girl. We would love another boy but again, as long as it is healthy, we are good.

Chaz is convinced it is a girl. Up until a few weeks ago he wouldn't even talk about the possibility of it being a boy. If you asked him he would say "No, it isn't a boy it is a girl baby." A few weeks back he decided that if it was a boy he would call him "boy buddy." He is super excited to have another little person in the house.

We have names 90% picked but I won't share those until I know the sex of the baby. Stay tuned.

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