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Welcome to the world // Dane Austin Hill // 10-13-2011

Yes, I have been off the grid for a few weeks. I had something going on... welcoming our newest sweetness into this world. Dane Austin Hill was born October, 13th at 8:46pm. He weighed in at 7lbs 5oz and was 20 inches long. We are so blessed. I have spent the last few weeks just soaking up the sweetness of this little boy. He is a WONDERFUL baby!!!

The story of his birthday is a good one, let me tell you! We started at the beginning of the week at the doctor's office. It was the typical appointment but with my due date (17th) right around the corner and the contractions that had been with me for weeks (literally) we were ready to get this show on the road.  Dr Birch didn't want me to go past my due date so she threw out the option of induction. I had heard wonderful stories from my friends -- basically checking into a hotel and little to no pain -- so I said "YES, when??" She gave me the options of the 13th, 14th and 17th. Ryan and I decided on the 13th for multiple reasons--- it would be easier to have him on Thursday as Chaz could go to school Thursday and Friday, less stress of trying to shuffle him around, we thought it would be cool for him to have some "Friday the 13th" birthday's throughout life, especially since it is in October and we could decorate!! and I was really tired of having contractions! Bring on baby Dane!!

This is the last preggo picture of me, 39 weeks. The night before he was born. I kinda miss my bump :(   My parents came up the night before and we went to dinner. Ryan referred to it as my "last meal." We enjoyed pizza at Guidos! MMMMMMMM!!! Mom and Dad were nice enough to take Chaz back with them so I didn't have to worry about him in the morning -- at 6am!!
Good thing because as we were trying to get out the door and to the hospital by 630 we ran into a bit of a snag.. Dead battery. Are you kidding me? I mean seriously, I can't make this stuff up! After a quick jump start we were on our way.
If you know Ryan and I (and Chaz) you know we are not really morning people. We really don't even get up until 7:15 or so everyday so this morning was really early for us. I was in some pain but my hubby was a little more relaxed. Clearly.
While he was napping I was able to enjoy my new, comfy, fuzzy socks and catch up on my celebrity gossip magazines.
I was also able to find some humor in this hospital room. Really? Preggo sick figures?  Bahahaha!!
Looks like one of the Three Stooges. HA! I have to give credit to Ryan on this one :)
And we waited.. and waited..
Then the day got a little more interesting. Dane started getting a little stressed, my oxygen levels dropped and my blood count came back with less than stellar results. My platelet levels were extremely low. They kept adjusting my fluids, Pitocin and pain meds. Turning things on and off and monitoring me for HOURS!!  I didn't know what this meant so I just kept hanging in there and having some good old contractions. I was in major pain and ready for my epidural! I sent Ryan out to get a nurse and ask when I could get it. What I didn't know is that went he ventured out to the nurses station he encountered something he wasn't wanting to hear.. He asked my nurse when I could get my epidural and was quickly met with "She can't" He literally said "Oh Sh!t, this isn't good"
Ryan returned to my room and if I was paying a little more attention I would have noticed the look of concern on his face but instead I noticed several nurses following him into the room. I was thinking "oh goody, I am about to get my epidural!!!" But no. Instead the nurse said "I'm afraid we have bad news, due to your low platelet levels, we can't give you an epidural."

"WHAT?!?!" **insert instant waterfall of tears**  I was immediately terrified and didn't know how I was going to make it through this. Yes, I know. Women have been doing this "naturally" for years. Blah Blah Blah. That was NOT part of the plan. I have done this before and I wanted my epidural!! After I cried and physically shook from nerves, they sent in the Anesthesiologist to discuss the turn of events with me. He was wonderful and explained why we couldn't move forward with the epidural. The risks for me were very high-- the biggest would be internal bleeding. The problem is, they cannot detect it until it is too late which would require emergency surgery and is a BIG health risk to me. We decided to let the nurses and Anesthesiologist leave and we would discuss our options. The nurses decided to take my blood again just to see if they could get my platelets up.  Soon the Anesthesiologist came back in and decided to quiz me. Yes, quiz me. Have I had nose bleeds? bleeding gums? etc? After a long discussion he decided that due to my good history, perfect first delivery and small physical frame he would do the epidural as long as I was aligned to the risks. I decided to pull in Dr Birch to discuss. I mean, as much as I wanted the epidural, I need to be around for my kids and my husband.  Dr Birch and I discussed all the options -- leaving the hospital and seeing if nature would take over, coming back in and re inducing Monday morning, going through the birthing process with pain meds only -- no epidural or going ahead with the epidural.  After much deliberation we went ahead with the epidural. 

But it wasn't over. I did get my epidural and it went off without a hitch but after many, many hours of labor, Dane became stressed. He wasn't really moving down and his heart rate was decreasing at the wrong time as it related to my contractions. Dr Birch came in and basically told me that if we couldn't get him out within 30 minutes of pushing we would need to do a C section. At this point it was about 830pm and I was exhausted. I knew if I was tired, so was Dane and I refused to put him in any jeopardy.  Then it was time. Time to push. I was determined.  And after 10 minutes of painful pushing and a little help from the "baby vacuum" he was here!! Happy, healthy and beautiful!!! Thank you Lord!
We were instantly in love!!
This is a picture from when Chaz was born. I tell ya, you never know how much you love your husband until you see them lay eyes on your child.
LOVE Dr Birch! As you can tell from the story above, I totally trust this woman 100%. She is an excellent doctor.
And then it was my turn to love on him. Forgive, no glamor shots here... it was a looooooooooooong day!
We were just going to send Chaz home with mom and dad and let him meet Dane the next day but he wasn't having it. He refused to go home before he got to see his new baby brother. Who can really blame him? He has been counting down the days for "Dane to come out" for months!
and even though it had been a very long day and it was getting very late, we did have some very special visitors. Gaga and Papa got some good snuggletime.

Mah and Dah couldn't wait to get their hands on Dane!
Aunt Meg even drove all the way from Rogers to snuggle on our new little guy!
and of course, Uncle T had to come take a look.

I simply cannot get over how much my little guys look alike. Dane looks like a clone of Chaz when he was a baby.

Our newest little man- Dane.
And our first born -- Chaz.  I mean seriously, could they look anymore alike???
Welcome to the world little man. It took a LONG time to get you here but it was worth every minute. You are precious and perfect. You are one more piece of the puzzle to our little family and we love you so very much!!!

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