Friday, November 5, 2010

Sugar High!

and I thought Easter was bad. When talking about a sugar high, Easter doesn't hold a candle to Halloween. First off it begins MANY days before Halloween. And this year we got the luxury of Halloween falling on a Sunday. This meant that Halloween practically began on Thursday night. Oh joy!
After a very long and trying week it was a great relief to be able to get out of the house and enjoy a little chaos in the small classroom full of 3 year-olds. Holiday parties are always a highlight to me. I seriously love them. I think one day I will be the party planner room mom, I really look forward to this, I know I am weird. Anyways, Chaz's school asked all the parents to send the costumes with them Friday morning so the teachers could dress them up after naptime. When we arrived all the kiddos were decked out and already scarfing down candy, cookies, cupcakes, etc. If you had not already guessed, Chaz went as Buzz. Duh. I was VERY lucky this year that this costume was actually a birthday gift from Mah and Dah. PERFECT!
This little sweet pea is Chaz's "girlfriend" Addison. She has been in school with him since he was 3 months old. If you follow the blog you probably recognize her. I just simply adore this little cheerleader!and this is Cale. He looks like a little Cabbage Patch kid to me. Such a cutie. He was dressed as Lightning McQueen, but quickly developed a fondness for the Buzz costume. More to come on that..Henry was very focused on the sweets. Who needs a fork?
Organized chaos.. and this is only about half the class. Obviously, the sugar high had already hit the other kiddos. They were running around like crazy maniacs!
Why you ask?? Well this was Chaz's plate. He doesn't even like sweets! Just think about the other kids plates, HA! I have to say at least they tried to offer snacks that were not full of sugar. They can't really be blamed for the fact that the kids avoided the fruit and goldfish like the plague.
Remember when I said Cale developed a fondness for Buzz.. Well, it developed into this...
Chaz was actually really sweet about it, it helped that he likes Cale, and offered for Cale to wear the costume. Chaz had already taken the costume off because he was hot so we really got lucky. After Chaz saw Cale all decked out I think he began to regret his decision to share but was still very nice about it. As his mommy, I could tell by his face that he was not sure he made the best decision. Almost all of the class.. Missing are Chaz, Cale and Addison.. which I find amusing because I have no idea what those three were up to when I took this picture.
I love school parties. Rush everyone in, pump the kids full of sugar and send them home early with Mom and Dad. These schools are brilliant!!

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