Monday, September 26, 2011

Chaz's day

For Chaz's birthday we decided to take the day off work/school and have an entire day just for him, why not? With a new baby on the way I know these days are soon going to be few and far between.  So, I made him another (yes, if you are keeping track this is #3) birthday shirt and told him the day was all his!! 
We started the day with gifts from Mommy, Daddy and Dane. We didn't go overboard as he already has a TON of toys. There is simply no need.  We got him some Transformers (I found them buy 1 get 1 free. GO ME!) some notebooks, paints and such and an Oso submarine he has be eyeing for months (again, I got this on MAJOR sale.. GO ME!!)

LOVE the excited faces :) This makes me know I did a good job!
And then we were off to the bowling alley. I had planned for the cousins, Gaga, Sandra, Meme, Marcy, Meg and Cam to meet us there around 11am. Chaz has been asking to go bowling for months so I figured, what better day!  Fastlanes is very cool. They have lots of game and serve lunch while you bowl. BONUS!!  Needless to say he was super excited! I guess this is his super excited pose.

While we were waiting on the cousins to arrive we traveled through the maze of games and this is the one he migrated toward. For real? The toilet game?
Jackson, Campbell and Marcy arrived shortly after us and were ready for some fun!
The kids took a quick spin on the carousel. Actually it was a long spin.. This thing took!!
The boys wanted to play "bowling" which was hilarious to me as we were about to play real bowling. But I guess when we have told them over and over this is bowling, it is what they know.  Chaz is pretty good for a 4 year-old but Jackson was either on his game or just simply has a knack for this game. I mean seriously.. look at his score in the second picture, this is with zero adult help. A-MAZING!!
Then it was time to bowl. I have to say, this was a challenge. We had four little boys and baby Campbell (who was the best of all the kids--she just kicked it in the highchair and was happy as could be) The birthday boy probably had the most meltdowns. In his defense it is hard to understand that in bowling you get two turns in a row... everything else in the world you get one turn.. hence, taking turns. It was a mess. But we tried.  We put Chaz and Jackson on one lane and the twins on the other lane. We figured if we tried to put them all on one lane it would be a total fail.

The next few crack me up. The "after shot" pose by Brandon..Nice follow through little man!
And actually I took this picture to show Jackson and the wide array of colorful bowling balls (obviously picked by the short ones) but when I got it on my computer I noticed Brandon dancing the happy jig in the background. This kid cracks me up!!
What is he doing? Well, mommy got smart and decided to explain a little bit of the game to him. Such as when the yellow highlights your name, it is your turn. He finally calmed down and would run back and look up to the scoreboard to see when his name was "yellow" 
Supportive little buddies
Game one.
Attempt one at a group shot.. FAIL!
Daddy being goofy
Chaz actually got a few of these in the second game.. which was MUCH better than the first..
Game 2.
This is what happens with the 4 year-old takes your camera.  Some pics are better than others.
Good news, Chaz isn't the only kid who threw a fit. Whew!!

Uncle Ryan makes bowling fun!!
Then we really went for the group shot. I love these!  We used the "dinosaur teachers" as seats and I just kept clicking and clicking.
After a few more games and trading in tickets for a sweet light up sword, we were done. Off to house for a nap.
After a nap, it was off to meet Fletcher, Jackson and Campbell for a little Boingo Bounce. I told you this was an ALL kiddo kinda day!! It was cold and rainy outside so it worked out just perfect for us. I heart this place!
The kids had an all out blast. They were maniacs--Flipping down the slides, going at the same time, running all over the place--simply out.of.control!! But having a blast doing it!!
After bouncing for hours we had an impromptu dinner with Mah and Dah---Mexican, Chaz's favorite. And then it was off to bed. 

What a wonderful day just to celebrate Chaz. I know he enjoyed himself and we had a great time hanging out with our little man. Thanks to everyone who joined us for some or all of the day! What a great time!!

We decided to send Chaz to school the next day so he could celebrate his birthday with his friends. My sweet, Martha Stewart, husband decided to make chocolate pops for all the kiddos. We took Chaz to Hobby Lobby to pic out the shapes and colors. Thanks to my Mother-in-law for doing this when Ryan was little, now he loves to do it for his kiddo.  Stars, sports balls, dogs and cats--nothing better.
Some of my family wasn't in town for Chaz'sChaz's other favorite theme is Cars so mom just took it and ran.  Thank goodness because it meant I didn't have to do much :) Thanks mom!!
Chaz was super excited to have, yet another, birthday party. Who wouldn't be?!?!

Uncle Shane was there to help with the cake and read the boy his birthday cards.
He literally said ""  But as you will see from the last picture, he wasn't expecting to get an ice cream cake. Sorry buddy, it doesn't really have the same result. He was none to happy.
Then it was time for presents. He was so excited!!
Showing Gaga how it works. This is one of several toys we have "visited" at Target and Toys R Us many, many times over the last 6 months or so. He was so excited when he opened it and of course he could work every piece of it, even if it was still in the packaging.
Our sweet Meme found this awesome vintage looking gas station tank. You see, anytime Chaz rides anything he always has to "stop for gas." I am not sure if this is because his father constantly runs out of gas or what but it is so bad that my dad has nailed and old hose on one of his trees out front -- you know, like a gas station. Anyways, this thing is super cool and even has storage inside. I just haven't figured out a good place to put it. No place seems to do it justice. I love it!!
Thank you Chaz for being such a wonderful little boy. We enjoyed celebrating with you (multiple times)  Hey, you are only 4 once, right?  Happy birthday little buddy! I love you to the moon and back -- or to the "moon and queens" as you tell me :)

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