Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The beginning of Snowmadeggen // 2013

So we have done this, right? Once? A few times, yes...Or maybe more than we ever wanted. Or many even more.... or even MORE....So with all that nonsense.. and trust me, many times I thought the big man upstairs was playing a joke on me and wanted me to go stark raving mad... The most recent was two years ago. At the end of Snomageddocalypstrophe, as I affectionately called it, I bought a snow suit for Chaz, additional hand, feet and head covers and THEN nothing.. nothing more than an inch the entire winter of 2012.  Really? Well, if you don't know anything about Arkansas weather you would be silly enough to think we may get two mild winters in a row. Yeah, no. Not happening. First week into December the sky falls out. We get inches upon inches of snow.. If you live here, you just have to roll with it.

First thing is first, I did see this coming.. and bought a backup. If I am going to be stuck on a hill, everyone within a five mile radius wants me to have this.. trust me!
The first night.. the neighborhood lost power. Well, everyone on the other side of the street. My phone started blowing up "Do you have power?!?!" Sure thing, come on over!
I did sneak out for a bit to get a shot of my razorback.

Day one. We have happy faces...I was total happy-snowed-in-momma. Welcome these kiddos into the house and we are ready to roll. I had my chair in the living room ready to go and fully powered with my work gear, the baby was under control and the boys were off to play!
I did break out for a bit while the baby napped in effort to snap some awesome pictures.
I love these boys. Please take full inventory of each amigo's face. Awesomesauce!
I also crawled in the back of the 4-runner while they sledded. SO much fun!!!
This was obviously after the baby woke up :) He thought this was such a great time!
Again, please check all faces. They are a riot!!
 He was sooooo cold, he didn't even care that he wasn't outside the car. Precious face.
Merrick joined us for a bit.. with what I think is his sister's pink scarf.
Look momma, there they are!!!
We made a stop by Hayes' house to let his sister pelt the boys with snowballs.
He found the binoculars in the back of the car.. Although he ALWAYS uses they the wrong way, he thinks he is doing it right.
Merrick's turn!
And for 5+ days, this was my back door. What a freaking mess.
On day be fair, they all run together when you have been stuck for multiple days, with a weekend in the middle, full work days from the corner of my living room and a full house of kiddos....anyway, I finally convinced the baby to go out in the snow. It lasted less time than it took me to get him dressed. I remember my mom having this exact same experience. I am pretty sure she told be that one day this would come back to me. Yep. Thanks, Mom!
This would be the hubs throwing snow on our new neighbor's driveway. Why you may ask?? Well, the new neighbors are from the North, as they say. So the fact that school, and frankly the entire NWA area, closed for 5+ days was baffling to them. They laughed at us. I know, I know. Anyway, we have a flat driveway and have NEVER thought to shovel it. The Johnson's however have a steep driveways and were beside themselves that their shovel was lost in the move. So, Dave took it upon himself to "shovel" his drive with the lid of his recycle bin so he could go to the store to purchase a real shovel. Yes, let that soak in.   The hubs thought this was silly and decided to give him more snow to shovel. HA! Take that new neighbors.. I know, I know. The impact is not very impressive.
Snow, baby, beer.. Yep, we are heading to the neighbor's house. How else do you cope after being cooped up for days. Dinner, adults, wild kiddos and drinks. Yes, please!!
Our house in the snow. LOVE!
Baby doesn't really like the snow.. IT IS COOOOOOOOOOLD!
I NO LIKE! (Probably because he can't really see... momma fail)
We had sent Chaz down to the neighbor's house to play before we went over for dinner. When we got there we found this. Sacked out! He fell asleep while watching a movie with their kiddos. Precious!
Day 24,980,458,489,349,759.
Actually, at this point we had made it to the weekend so we were able to relax and bend some rules. The kids could play and we could hang out.

These two love the train table. I secretly hope to get rid of it soon but if you ask these two, it isn't going anywhere soon.
I took five, yes five, pictures and they all look like this. Keep your eyes open, Jack. Love this kiddo!!
And it kept coming.. when I get one of these, I hang my head. This translates to -- "Momma bear, please keep your sanity for one more day (or possibly more.) You now have to do both your jobs, simultaneously. I know it will be hard. You will also have the added bonus of the "husband child" at home with you. He will try to help but will likely cause additional chaos and mess. Know he is not trying to make you pull out your hair, it is the snow's fault. Your kids are going to grow bored beyond belief. Again, it is the snow's fault. Also, your house will be a mess. Accept it, it is just how it will be for the next few days. Do your best, that is all you can do."

Baby nap time = digging in the closet to try and find something, anything to make some sort of craft to keep the older one busy. Snowglobes it is!!!

First step is gluing the Lego figurine to the bottom of the jar. Thanks to the hubs for playing along. 
 Some cool decor for the outside... whatever it takes, right?

BOOYAH!! Batman snowglobe. Momma gets and A+
Honestly, I found this on my phone. I have zero explanation for the funk on his face.
This is me trying to get him to go to sleep. I guess he thinks I am funny..
"Dane, for reals.. go to sleep. Please, just stop smiling and being so freaking cute and go to sleep. Please, mommy is deliriously sleepy"
Another craft? Sure, why not?!?! Let's paint glass ornaments!
So here is some of the final products. We did two snowglobes. One with a Toy Story alien figure and one with Batman. We had glass ornaments with hand print snowmen (there was one for the baby as well, once he woke up) and then we had the Christmas tree hand prints. I am so happy with my craftiness!
Yes, we added food coloring. Why not!
And then there were times when the hubs and I had to work at the same time. The kids are pretty good at finding something to do, but sometimes it isn't the best while on a conference call with my Brand team. Wow.
And there are no rules on snowday, right? Naps in mommy and daddy's bed. YAY!
More sledding behind the car.. I remember this as a child. Difference? I was being pulled around a hilly, wooden area.. my kids, flat neighborhood with no chance of sliding off the road. Same difference. Yes, I took this picture from inside my house, I was COLD!
Random .. but cute
Snuggles with the neighbors. I LOVE, absolutely love that we live in this neighborhood. We have a constant roll of people and kiddos through our house. Spring, Summer, Fall and even Winter. Bring it! Love these people!!
We did finally get out the last day. I was about to go nuts. We hit Walmart and lunch.. that was about all the kids could handle. Precious!
More neighbor time. Goofball!!
Ryan's new BFF. Jack just loves him!
I did try to keep the house somewhat clean... this is my ALWAYS challenge. The train table. I really do try to keep it together... I put it back together a few times a month. Yes, a month. Anything else is just silly.
And then this happens. Literally within the matter of minutes. Why bother... well, I am obviously a little, just a little, OCD
Day 5 or 6.. I really can't remember.
Pray for me.. they say it is going to be a BAD winter. When most people are running for bread and milk, I am probably running to Hobby Lobby for crafts... and maybe to the store for beer. Necessary things, people. Necessary things.

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