Friday, January 21, 2011

First (real) snow of 2011...

We heard for days that we were going to get 3-7" of snow. As usual people started freaking out, the weather people were on the TV every 3 seconds, people were rushing out to get the "essentials" for being snowed in (you know, milk and bread. HA!) and everyone in the office was moving meetings from Thursday to Friday because they just knew it would snow. I believe it when I see it. Went I left work that evening I didn't even need to wear a coat, it was that nice. When I went to bed that night nothing, I mean NOTHING, was falling from the sky. So, I just figured it was standard "Arkansas madness." They don't freak out around here when thousands of dead birds fall from the sky, but one drop of ice and the entire area shuts down. But I was wrong. My first alarm clock went off at 6:15, as usual. The DJs were in the middle of listing off the school closing and I hear "Fayetteville Schools." WHAT? I turned to Ryan and said "Did I just hear that??" I looked outside, it was dark, so I went back to bed. I woke up a little while later and saw there was an abundance of snow on the ground and it was still falling from the sky. Snow day/workday it is. And for this day, this little guy would be my cube mate.

We started the morning by playing rocket ship. Yes, our pillows are his rocket ship.
Now just to be clear, this time it was a real snow! Not this crappy snow that closed school as week before....Yes, THIS is why I am cynical and say things like "Arkansas madness" Below is the less than 1/4 inch that closed schools in NWA.

THIS time we got bunch of the white fluffy stuff.

and we just had to bundle up and head out in it! Chaz had a cough and runny nose but I couldn't really deny the little guy some playtime in the snow. Once he was all bundled up, he wasn't really wanting to get his picture taken.Daddy and Chaz headed out in the snow! Yes, my husband looks a little like a candy corn but we don't dress-up, or even come close to matching, to play in the snow.
He loved, loved, loved seeing his footprints in the snow. (I have GOT to get this little guy back to the beach!!)

Chaz has the cutest little book "Snowball Soup." I think we read it almost every night. So, what did he want to do as soon as we got outside?? Make snowball soup, duh. Yes, that is me in the big yellow coat. The snow was too fluffy to pack for snowballs but we got a big pot of snow. Chaz decided to use his little house as a kitchen. I am not sure what he was serving but it was DE-LICIOUS!!
My candy corn decided to measure the snow. Two inches was the official measurement from our outside table. Very official.
If you follow me you know I have a small love/infatuation with baby feet. Motorcycle boots covered in snow...!
So, all those pictures above totaled about 20 minutes of playtime (max) We were quickly inside and changed into warm clothes. We knew we wouldn't be leaving the house this day so Chaz got to ear whatever he wanted. He picked his Superman pj bottoms, astronaut pj top and new Eskimo Joe's St. Patrick's day shirt. No matching necessary on a snow day.

After his long nap we played some Lincoln Logs and kitchen.

It was a very good snow day. We managed to play outside and inside, Chaz took a monster nap and Mommy and Daddy were able to get a great amount of work done! I love the snow!

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