Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yep, that about sums up what happened to us last week. I mean seriously, I have not seen this much snow in.my.life and according to My Friend, I will be OLD as of tomorrow. Whatever. Anyways, back to the snow. "Record breaking" was heard across NWA and this time, they weren't kidding. This is what they showed on T.V... really?? My kid can't even safely play in something like that for fear of loosing him.
I really didn't believe it. When I went to bed there was nothing, literally nothing. I thought "Well, there they go again. Silly meteorologists" Then I woke up to this. WHAT?? What the heck? My husband was in bed with the flu (ugh.. for all involved) and I was left with this out my window, a full day of work and a 3-year-old who was NOT ready for another snow day. The pictures do NOT do this justice at all. I don't know how I was to take a good picture without tossing my boy into the snow to see if he would disappear, and that just wouldn't be nice. What is this picture you say? Well, that would be the roller coaster that sits in our backyard. I mean for real? This thing sits a good 18" off the ground. Look at here and you can't see it on a "light dusting" day. Chaz asked me if someone stole his roller coaster.
Yes, we got THAT much. So, now that I have your attention. Let's take a little adventure around to see what this really looked like. Note: I was outside in my sweats and winter coat taking these pictures while my boys were cuddled in a warm bed. Not that I am jealous in the least.

My outside table. Wowza!

A measurement taken from a stool that sits UNDER my covered porch--Yes, multiple inches! The second is my first measurement taken at 8am--13 1/2"

I was amazed at the snowdrifts. Honestly, I have never seen such a thing. We usually get ice with a minimal layer of snow cover. ICE is our issue, not snow. And snow drifts? Unheard of around these parts. These are my windows. Inches, multiple inches were piled up on my window sills and screens from the snow blowing around. Crazy, I say!

This is the view out my front window. For perspective the window sill on the left is about 3 feet off the ground. Now to be fair some of that is drift BUT it has to drift onto something. It came all the way up to my dining room window.
Again, none of this really does the snowfall justice but this is our driveway.. out the back window of course. It was WAY too cold to stay outside for a long time. The picture on the right is the trash. Now let me just tell you this story... Last Thursday night, during the last storm, my husband came to bed VERY proud of himself for getting the trash to the curb the night before pickup .. in the snow. He usually rushes this to the curb as the truck is coming up the hill, so this was quite the accomplishment. I hated to break it to him that it was, in fact, Thursday night.. not Wednesday. See, our trash runs Thursday morning..poor guy. Considering we weren't even getting mail, I don't really see why he even took it out but who am I to judge. So, here we are a WEEK later and our poor trash is covered in almost 2 feet of snow.. Oh my, we are those people.

A quick glimpse out the back window to the play sets covered in snow.

My Valentine's Day wreath that was dusted in snow.
If you know anything about my hubby, you know he simply cannot miss a good time. But why is his fluridden self standing in the snow with his pants pulled up to his knees? Note: he had on boots so I am not sure why he went for this look....
He is digging the beer he left outside during Superbowl out of the snow. With all the food we didn't have enough room so he pulled the "college fridge" and tossed it outside and into the snow.. Well, 2 feet of snow later, he felt he needed to rescue it. and as you noticed with my last post we always have a bit of chaos on snow days. I mean how could you not with this little guy..

Later that afternoon, I decided to go upstairs and look on the porch. This is what I saw when I opened the backdoor. WOW!
"That is awesome!!" Official measurement from the top deck.....18 1/2" To quote an old Snickers ad "Great googly moogly!!"and why wouldn't he put his face in the snow!
Better yet, why wouldn't he lick the snow! Love it!!!and the chaos continues.. What is this you may ask? It is the jumpy thing.. upside down...
with a kiddo inside.
Chaz had a great time using his bat cave as an "organizer." His words, not mine. No really, I promise.. it was all.him. With Ryan being sick and it being super cold outside we were quick to put on pj's as early in the possible. Chaz was digging it. Well, this one only locked us in for 2 days... and officially made me DONE.WITH.SNOW. I am dreaming of warm weather, pool days, the beach, anything outside, my backporch to NOT be covered in snow...Did I say I was DONE with snow? Well, I am!

I will end this one with a picture my friend posted on Facebook. This is our beautiful razorback stadium....What is that? Well THAT is THIS.. for real? When is football season again?

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