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Christmas Eve // 2013

Christmas Eve started the night before. We have to throw out the reindeer food. Duh, of course to HAVE to throw out reindeer food. This will never get old. Never. Oh, I guess if her was 16 and doing this it would be old.. and a little weird. 
Moving on. As we always do, the hubs and I stayed up to make sure all was properly set for the next day. We enjoy the fire and few cold ones. It is tradition. Also tradition, Santa comes to our house on Christmas Eve and to my parents on Christmas day. I love the set up this year. Matching scooters!
Even Wrigs had his own little section. My heart is happy!
Another tradition is Pingle (or Chippy this year.. more to come on that) tapes the boys in their hallway. This is a must. It really serves two purposes. 1) to keep them in the hallway and NOT in the living room. I have a sick fear of them going in and me not being able to see their faces. I really don't sleep at all the night before. 2) it makes them really excited to see this when they wake up. As you can obviously tell, one is much stronger than the other. Keeping momma sane is number 1. 
We sprinkle snow throughout the house. How else would you know Santa came?? Snow is a must. Chaz actually kept some of the snow from last year in order to compare to this year and make sure it is "real" Santa snow. Good thing I intercepted that bag of snow because I couldn't find the same snow. The "snow" I found this year was made by the devil. For real, the devil. It was clingy and glittery and terrible.

He kinda fell for it but he immediately told me it was different snow. I glazed over that one and moved on to brother's room. Good thing we didn't get stuck on that.. I am not ready to explain this one.
He was very excited the snow was also in brother's bed.
and I laughed when I noticed it had stuck to his face. Glitter face, not snow face. Momma fail.
Still excited. I have done this for three, maybe four, years and the boy is still pumped. Love it!
The first moment. Waiting for it to sink in.......
It took a bit but it finally hit him. ELECTRIC SCOOTER!!
Beyond excited!
And the hubs decided this needed to happen in our house. It goes 10 miles per hour. Yes, INSIDE our house. WHAT?!?
The baby got his little scooter, too. He was a little groggy but he loves his scooter.
This was THE present. Yep, the one thing he talked more about than anything else. The damn Wonderloom. Why am I bitter? Well, let me rewind. Chaz brought this up a few months ago and showed me that his friends and cousins had these Wonderloom band bracelets and such. They were all the same age as my boy so I thought nothing of it. I purchased it with a big smile on my face, thinking I had made this boy's day with such a simple present. Yeah, not so much. What I didn't realize is these take adult help and they aren't easy. I should have asked more questions. Many hours of my Christmas vacation were consumed by this loom of death Wonderloom.
My loves and yes, it takes several shots to get a decent one. If I didn't think they were hilarious, I would take the time to photoshop them together. Nah, they are too good as is. Especially the second one.
Present time!!!
These pictures make my heart happy.
The spy kit was another key toy. This one was from his brother.
Them it was time to head "over the river and through the woods" to Gaga's house. I love the traditions at my parent's house. The first, and easily one of my favorites, is Christmas pjs. We open them Christmas Eve.
Mom and Dad added in a special treat of a movie and house shoes. The boys were pumped and it was super easy to get them settled with a new movie.
Baby boy in his new pjs. Those are his brother's shoes. It took him about 2.5 seconds to steal them. Cuteness.
Movie time with Uncle Shane. We are still working on making them not look goofy when they smile, both of them. HA!
I love this! NEW favorite tradition. Movie time with the boys. Are they not the cutest things EVER?!?!
The adults took off in the other room, in matching pjs. We enjoyed our traditions of frosty beverages, sitting by the fire, putting our VERY old ornaments on my parents beautiful tree and telling silly stories of years past. I look forward to this day every year. Sorry for the lack of pictures of our nonsense but this year I actually put down my camera and enjoyed the evening

The two bunked up in the big one's bed and called it a night. LOVE them!!
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