Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santa came to visit!!

The eve of Christmas Eve we prepared for Santa to come visit us. Yes, he comes to our house Christmas eve morning. My mom says this may not last much longer, having Santa come to two locations on separate days, but I will do it as long as I can....then I will force my family to come to my house for Christmas morning. HA, kidding!!

I am SO into making everything perfect, the kids probably don't care.. but I do. I am lucky that I have a husband that is just as into seeing the kids eyes light up as I am. This frame is one of my favorite DIYs of the season. I grabbed an old frame, some shiny red paint, a board and chalkboard paint--BAM! Love it!! I found this quote online and it just makes me smile
"Merry be your Christmas. Peaceful be your home. Joyful be your family. Blessed be each one."
We bought some fake snow at Dilly Dally's.. it was super cool! Cold to the touch, light and fluffy. Add in some jingle bells for the full Santa effect--Chaz relates bells with Santa because of last year.
We added the snagging of Santa's belt on the fireplace. (no he doesn't know that this is a gas fireplace and there isn't really even a chimney--why spoil the magic?!?) Chaz thought it was so cool that Santa's belt was in our house. THEN he was concerned of how we were going to return it to Santa (more to come on that)
Just as when I was little (and still) each kid had their separate "section."  I was going to leave all of Dane's gifts in the packages as he won't play with them for 3 months or so but Ryan told me that wasn't fair to him. I'm glad I listened to him. What the heck was I thinking??
Do you know how hard it is to shop for a 2 month old? 1) he doesn't really do anything yet 2) he has a ton of toys from when his older brother was little .. but I found this cool racecar thing. And Chaz LOVES it. Which is hilarious to me!
 Chaz got a Marvel Comics house, Spiderman puzzle, Spiderman placemat, Spiderman hat, gloves and umbrella, a vTech learning computer, underwear (always a must) Cars bath stuff and a Transformers phone.
The next morning we were ready. I think we were both up all night. Not because of the newborn but rather the fear that the 4 year-old would wake up and go into the living room without us. I was SO nervous.

But we were ready! Cookies, milk, snow, carrots and Pingle.
The crazy antics of Pingle.
Ryan went and woke Chaz up while I stayed ready with the camera.

This is what I heard

Daddy: "Chaz, there is snow and bells on your bed!"
Chaz: "What?!"
Daddy: "There is snow and bells on your bed!"
Chaz: "That means Santa came. A computer and POWER RANGERS!!"

Me (under my breath) "Fail. The Power Rangers are at Gaga and Papa's house.. I guess he will have to wait until Santa goes there. Momma fail."
Note: This kid woke up with the BEST bed head to date. Love it!! He was super excited about the free book that came with the Marvel Comics house, Spiderman umbrella and his new Power Ranger phone. Yes!! No fail! I picked up a $5 Power Ranger phone last minute at Target. A+ for the filler gift! Oh, I mean... Good job Santa.
Gotta give the baby some Christmas love.
and he just chilled. He was such a happy baby!
Chaz was in charge of opening both stockings. I think he may have been more excited about the stockings than anything. I fill them as I buy stuff so as soon as he noticed they had stuff in them he started asking if he could open them. I will have to do this a little differently next year.
Dane and I decided to goof off while the boys looked at the Santa stuff.
I love the this tradition and hope that we have at least another year of opening our Christmas gifts as a family Christmas Eve morning. Seeing the kids eyes light up is so exciting! Chaz was so excited to give, which just melted my heart. He kept telling Ryan and I to open our gifts. He said "I want to see what I got you!" "Momma/Daddy/Dane this is yours!! Look, look at the tag. It is yours!"
Rewind to 2009 and 2010

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