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November // 2013

The world lost a very sweet man this month. Jeremy was a good friend of ours in college. He played rugby with Ryan and worked with him at AQ. He moved several times after college but we managed to stay in touch through the years. Jeremy was a husband, a father to two small boys, a brother, an uncle, a son and a friend to so many. We were all so blessed to have so many great memories with this sweet guy. He will forever be missed. Rest in peace, good buddy.
Jeremy is the guy in the middle, up to the left above the guy in the hat. My hubs is the third one from the left in the back row... Yes, he had spiky blond hair. Good memories.

In the Fall, I failed to get good pictures for our Christmas cards. The week of Thanksgiving, I panicked when I realized I had still did not have a good picture. Then this happened. Insert my goofy boy who, obviously, thinks he is a supermodel. I look at these and still giggle. This was ALL him. What a goofball.
And then comes the crazy little brother. With the combo of the above and below, I knew this probably wasn't going to work out for me.
They did not disappoint.
I mean, for reals. The hands, the grin, the feet. .. Oh my!
I did capture this beauty, which did go on our Christmas card. Not perfect but it is us. I love these two with all my heart!!
Somehow I missed this one when I did the Toyland post. So you see, he is six, and at times he starts to become a bit ornery.  There was a bit of a spat between the two of us over a bubble machine spill. This was his reaction. "I'm going to hold my breath until you are nice"   Ummmmm. Ok buddy.
I bailed one morning for a little mommy time. Ahhhhhhhhhh. I really need to do this more often.
And I get this picture. Yes, that is applesauce ALL.OVER.HIS.HEAD!!
And some laundry hamper races.
I am not sure if he was trying to be nice or trying to get out of helping me finish decorating for Christmas but I will take it either way. The hubs decided to head to Jump Zone with the boys while I finished the decor. These both make me laugh!
The hubs is fantastic at taking the baby when I need some time to get the house picked up or laundry done or the 923,083,495,379,045 other things I have to do with my "other" full-time job.  If I need to clean, those two will head to the store or to run whatever errand is needed. This is the goofball he got to tote around that evening. Complete with pjs, house shoes and bear hat. HA!
I love the throwback Thursday FB thing.. LOVE it! This is one of my favorite pictures of my entire childhood... I hate that it is blurry but it was 198-something. Some things to note: my moms awesome hair (this woman has always had some amazing hair) her sweater had a giraffe on it but unfortunately her massive cup is covering the amazingness, my brother's stance (HAHAHA!) and his rocking jacket, the cute blond in the back, I was a total chunk, I am rocking snowboots and a furcoat.... and my dad, bless this man--driving gloves and a Member's Only jacket. Again, 198-something. Oh and I really can't forget the HUGE van. We loved this van. I mean it was HUGE!
Love our neighbor! Love these kiddos! Love my picture taking abilities sometimes!
Crazy things happen at this Hills. No shirt, lots of cups and crazy babies!
Our beautiful city in the Fall. This Fall did not disappoint. Amazing!
This is Chaz's Lego Chima. If you don't know what that is, look it up. He is a great artist.
Scary, right? I still think he is adorable.
This is my daily life. I say this all the time but it is. My kids are one thing but the hubs, the hubs is another story. I often have people ask "Is he always like this?" You mean fun, silly and a little crazy? Yes, and he always has been.. I wouldn't change him for the world.  Here is a great example of this. One day I decide to meet him at the mall for lunch.  As soon as I see him I die laughing. He is wearing an outfit he bought for $2 (long story) which was pseudo ok but after a few years it began to shrink and quickly became out of style.   Let me break it down.. Mock turtle neck, bad enough. Add in the pullover that is so small that it starts to look like he tucked it into his pants, tragic. 

I posted something on FB about this hilarious encounter and the hubs was a good enough sport to provide my friends with the photos they requested. Good mercy me.
My adorable baby telling everyone who he loves "Papa's plane" and at the end he is acting like a plan. Love him!
Somehow I forgot these when I did the post of my brother's birthday weekend. Oopsie! 

I love nothing more than watching my parents enjoy their grandchildren. Seriously, melt my heart.

Chaz had a great time finding GIANT leaves in the yard.
This is my standard weeknight, and many weekends! My loves piled on my lap. Quite possibly my favorite part of the day!
They disappeared and I found them like this. Big brother reading to little brother. Adorable!
The neighborhood kiddos playing like they are in a band.
The circle of life is a crazy thing. Although we suffered a very tragic loss this month, we also welcomed a beautiful baby into this world. Luke Howard is the sweet baby boy of these two.  Remember we showered him a few months back. He is such a blessing and a light. We all prayed for this little life and now he is here! I just can't wait for them to move back to NWA.
Already calling the Hogs!
We got to celebrate Thanksgiving lunch with our little turkey.
Chaz got to "walk the red carpet" as they say. They get awards for 10 days of perfect behavior. He has received a bunch of these. I am so proud of my sweet guy!!
We had some good hang out time with Gaga, Papa, Uncle Shane and Aunt Lisa.
Dane was getting onto Papa. I love the look on his face!
We hung out at the neighbor's. I love these kiddos. They all piled up in AJ's room to watch a movie.
We had an impromptu celebration for Kristy's birthday. We were having dinner and Dave was nice enough to stop and grab a cake. I found the rock hard remains in my fridge the next day.
My sweet, talented friend had pictures posted on FB of some scarves she made. I commented to see if I could buy this one and ask how much she was charging. Miss Sassypants Danish responded with "one million dollars!"  Less than a week later, I received this in the mail. Goodness, I love this woman!!
Here go the funnies!

Yep, totally!
I saw this pop up on my FB. I cringed and then I laughed.. BAD Photoshop. Give the poor baby another foot.
This is the absolute truth. I think I have about 50 pictures which prove this true!
As I was putting up my Christmas decor, I looked down to see this... why is there a cat on the package? Some people told me it is a cat poster... I think they should do another photoshoot for their packaging. Do people even still hang posters? Outdated people!
November was a month of highs and lows. Happiness and sorrow. With all of it and all the other riffraff above, I am reminded everyday that I am blessed. I am so lucky to have so many loved ones in my life. They support me throughout these highs and lows. Thank you all for everything you do to support my family and show me (and my family) love each and every day. God Bless!

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