Saturday, November 2, 2013

Toyland // 2013

 On of my favorite days of the year is the first Friday of November.. TOYLAND DAY!!! The day when all the toy vendors gather around the Bentonville square and have a good ol' time!

 We headed down to partake in said activities. Next year, I am leaving WAY earlier! It was total chaos!!
 What an awesome guy to see first thing! Chaz was pumped!
 He did tell Dane. "Don't worry. It is just a guy in a dress-up suit" Love the older brother love!
 Lego Chima. He was so excited!
 Chaz wanted me to take a picture of Thor but refused to take a picture WITH Thor.  
 Chaz pushing baby brother. He loves him so very much!
 Dane "I no like color!!!"
 This kid has my heart.
 Nerf booth is always a hit!
My kids have little to no exposure to Playdoh.. Judge all you want. My philosophy is Playdoh and bubbles were made by the Devil.. moving along to the next booth
Nice transition, right?? HA! They can do what they want on the property of others. Bring on the Playdoh and bubbles. As long as they aren't in my house!!
 Angry birds has come into real life.. Yep, anything can be made into a game/toy.
Foam blocks.. It is like playing with cardboard boxes. Kids dig this stuff!
We were able to enjoy a bunch of the activities but there were several instances of crappy kids/parents that used this generous event as "Christmas shopping" it was shameful. My poor kiddo and I stood in line for a Lego Chima for more than 30 minutes all to get up to the table and the vendors tell us they toys were all gone. It would have been fine except my kiddo watched other kids walk away with 3-4 each. One kid actually picked up a FULL box of Legos and just walked away. Ugh. Not an easy thing to explain to a patient six year-old.  

Learnings from this year's Toyland. It is a very fun time but some kids are greedy. Their parents probably aren't much better. We had a great time because we chose to enjoy it. Parents in the future, don't let your children be jerks.

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