Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shane's bday weekend // 2013

Last year we headed to OKC to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday. We had such a good time, we decided to do it again this year!  We don't get to see each other very often so the weekend is full of just hanging out.

Like skateboarding in the garage.
Having Papa clean the mud out of your shoes while you eat a banana.
We LOVE the OKC zoo so anytime we visit, this is a must!
One of our favorite parts in where you can intermingle with the birds. You can buy little cups of nectar and they will flock to you.
Last year Chaz was not a fan, at all. I figured from this face, we were about to have a similar experience.
But to my surprise! WHAT?!?! Who's kiddo is this? Totally outside his comfort zone. I was so proud of him!
The baby will basically so anything you ask of him. He is so easy going.
Well, until the bird tries to nibble.
Again, I am just so proud of this little boy!
I kinda look like Jack Nicholson in the shining but whatever.  I just want proof that I was actually there :)
They tell you that if you bring your drinks in, expect to share.
When we rounded to corner to see the hippo, I honestly thought we were looking at a dead hippo. We had to stare at him for a long time in order to make sure he was breathing. He was. I guess he was just taking a good nap.
Love this one of my family!
The rhino picture. We always have to take a Rhino picture
And we always have to pose on all the bronze animals throughout the zoo.
Love this face. Seriously, LOVE this face!!

Looking at the birds and the fish.
How cute is this little guy? He was a baby something-or-nother. He looked like a domestic cat. He was adorable!!!
Then Chaz stole my camera. The next four are from my future photographer.
More posing with the bronze status. I have no idea why he is scratching his belly but it sure makes me giggle!
Chaz's faces are hilarious! I am not sure what he was doing besides making me laugh!
This silverback was amazing! He was HUGE!
The one at the very top had a little baby on her and she would move as the silverback moved. She didn't want him to come close. It was very cool to watch.
I had Dane in front of me at the window and the gorillas were amazed by him. The kept coming up to the window to look at him. He didn't like it at all!
At when this guy stormed the window, he melted. Sometimes I wish I had a video feature on my camera. It would have been awesome!
There is the baby!!
I love this guy. Doesn't he look like he is 104 years old?
Before we left, we had to ride the rides. Goofy kids!
We ate dinner at Ted's. Which is quite possibly the best mexican food on the planet! And returned to the house for chocolate cake (sent from Bentonville by my Aunt Sandra!) and presents.
After cake, we let the little monster attack my daddy. He did this for a good 45 minutes and loved every minute of it!
Happy birthday, Shane! We love you very much and always have such a great time celebrating your birthday!

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